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Pain on Crown of Head by Muscle Spasms of Spine

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 20, 2009
  • 03:57 AM

For the past 11 years I have endured pain on the crown of my head like someone is taking a knife and cutting up there. It is a nawing pain. I was diagnosed with pinched nerve on both sides of my neck plus carpral tunnel in both my wrists which I wear braces at night. I have a lumbar hernia, and I have small herniations in 2 disks in my neck and 2 disks lost some height. I am getting throbbing pain where the shoulders meet the spine and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches down. I think my spine is going through muscle spasms and it hurts. I can't lie down or sit comfortably on the couch with moving every second.....I am figetty. I was diagnosed also with pernicious anemia in Dec. of 2006. I told my hubby if he doesn't get me to see a stomach doctor, I won't live to see 2007. I was getting to the point where I felt my brain was in a coma and my hands would shake, but only I could see through my eyes and was awake. There neurologist told me that was because I wasn't making new red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain. The gastroenterologist said that she would try to reverse the nerve damage done by the pernicious anemia, but I don't truely know how long I had it? I could have had it for awhile...I believe it could have been for 2 years. Is it possible to have it for 10 years before it being diagnosed? I do know my level was something like 320 or 250 when I was diagnosed and I was getting pancreatitis (my lipase level was high). I am currently also going through post menopause or menopause which started when I was 46....now I'm going to be 51 in June.

I am going to see a new neurologist ...but I think I have to stick to this one because I'm tired of jumping from one to another. Wherever I tell them I have pernicious anemia...it's like a death sentence or something and they don't want to help me at all. I can't go to therapy because the pain on the crown of my head is simply devastating and then I start having bladder problems where I have to freqently urinate. I'm having muscle problems....bad. I'm taking 100 ml of Celebrex 1 time a day and Ibuprofen 600 mg but it's not really helping.

I feel so helpless I don't know what to do anymore. If only I could get rid of the pain on the crown of my head, I feel I would have a better quality of life and be able to do alot more. Because of the menopause, I only got 5 hours of sleep....I get the sweats at night...it's terrible. After several weeks or 1 month, the pain on my head gets better to the point I don't feel it but when it comes back, it's like a truck hit me on the head and the rest of my body.

Anyone have any ideas? One doctor said I have an autoimmune disease and I asked him which one. He was a gastrointestinal doctor and he said to not watch what I eat because I have reflux, because life is too short not too. What does that mean?

I don't know what to think anymore. Help.

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