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Never Ending Headache

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  • Posted By: Spelunk
  • December 5, 2009
  • 05:35 PM

I have had a headache since mid June of 2009. I have been to my family doctor and 3 neurologists, and know one has been able to help me. I do not have a history of headaches. In fact, until this all started, it was very rare that I ever had a headache. They started when I was working out of town. I attributed them to being dehydrated from being outdoors in the heat. I was overseeing a construction project and spent most of my time outdoors, which is normal. They started out as a pounding / throbbing headache. I would be fine in the mourning and by 6pm I was in severe pain. This lasted for about a week. I had trouble getting to sleep, i.e. 3am before I passed out from exhaustion. The pounding / throbbing went away and have been left with a constant headache. It is usually very light (if one at all) in the mourning, and progressively gets worse as the day goes on.
I went to my family doctor soon after they started and he ordered an MRI , started me on topamax and referred me to a neurologist. The MRI was clear. The First Neurologist diagnosed me as having migraines ( Took me off Topamax ) and prescribed the following. – Midrin Immitrex, and a cocktail of drugs through an IV ( 3 days ), phenegren & fentonol shot. None did any good, some made it worse. I switched doctors, to a second neurologist. He diagnosed me as having Tension headaches. At this point, we are now mid August. He prescribed Elavil and zanaflex. These did seem to help once I was up to 100 mg of Elavil. I was also prescribed vicidine for the pain which also did little to help. He finally performed a nerve block and this lasted about 5 hours and then my head fealt as if were going to explode. After 2 months of seeing this doctor, he said there was nothing more he could do and was going to refer me to the Cleveland Clinic. He wouldn’t take or return my calls after this and basically abandoned me.
At this point I went to have my eyes checked to see if there was a problem I was unawhare of. My eyesight is near perfect. She did refer me to the neurologist that I am currently under the care of. He had me stop taking all meds and stated me on Topamax working up to 100mg a day. After no result me switched back to Elavil and put me on a fentenol patch as the pain was becoming debilitating. This is where I stand today. Nearly 6 months later and no better off than I was before. I did just have another MRI of my neck and I am awaiting the results.
The pain is primarily located on the top portion of my head on both sides with minor tingling on the left side. As the day progresses the pain gets more intense and covers more from back to front on both sides.

Please cane someone help me. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Its not the pain anymore, it’s the mental agony.

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