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Headaches, muscle tension, sinus - chicken or the egg

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  • Posted By: aaronlax
  • May 4, 2013
  • 02:45 AM

What I'd like to find most is a GP who is an excellent diagnostician in the Tri-State (PA, NJ, NY) area. I've been to several doctors locally and have come up with nothing so far. It's been months with a lot of pain that has severely effected my ability to do my job and my quality of life. I would be very, very grateful for any help you might offer.

Here's what's been going on in terms of symptoms:

November 2012, started getting headaches more and more frequently. Initially they would go away with Tylenol with increasing persistence and duration.

December 2012, have an abscessed tooth removed, headaches become even more frequent. December 17th, I saw a local GP. He askeds me about sleep habits. I told him indeed I had not been sleeping well. He prescribed Trazadone as a sleep aid and said come back in two months.

January 2012, I was sleeping better, but headaches got increasingly worse. Started to be accompanied by light sensitivity and extreme muscle tension. I'm a former athlete and used to soreness and tension, but this very unusual, like the fiber is lacking its normal elasticity.The tension was first noticed in the head (could feel the muscle fibers stretching across the skull on both the sides and top), then neck, and shoulders and chest. Very painful (rated ACL surgery as a 7 on pain scale, this is a 5 or 6) with accompanying headaches.

January 29th, went to see another GP at an Urgent Care facility. He noticed my nostril openings were only a small slit instead of a circle. Said to start taking Zertec for allergies along with Flonase. Perscribes Zanaflex, but did not say why exactly. Encouraged me to take Aleve along with the Tylenol for any inflammation as well. Still felt the extreme muscle tension, bands being pulled across the top of the head and along the sides.

February 8th, suspected environment could be a cause and moved from an older cottage to a newer apartment. Continued taking Zanaflex, Aleve & Tylenol, Flonase, and Zertec.Within a couple weeks the feeling of extreme muscle tension had subsided considerably. At that point I could feel what presented like sinus pressure.

March 2013, muscle tension and light sensitivity had mostly subsided. Still felt constant sinus pressure. There was pressure particularly behind and under the the eyes. Also a feeling of something being blocked at the very top of the nose, in between the eyes. There was very little, if any, mucus. Saw an ENT who ordered a CAT scan. Unfortunately I caught a viral infection that was going around and had the CAT scan when I am inflamed with that as well.

April 2013, continued feeling of sinus infection. Went back to the ENT with CAT results. He said there is no evidence of a fungal infection. Did not think it is bacterial either. Suggested getting allergy tests. Perscribed Zetonna instead of Flonase. Flonase didn't seem to make any difference whereas Zetonna did seem to have some effect. Still taking regular Aleve/Tylenol, but have backed off on Zanaflex. Sinus rinses with netipotseem to have no effect. Neosynephrene does have a clearing effect.

April 28th -May 3rd 2013, feeling of a sinus infection abated with simultaneous return of muscle tension. Not so much at the top of the head, but especially in small muscles around ears, jaw, and neck, and shoulders. Have the feeling of being able to feel individual muscle fibers pressing against side of the head. If I turn my head to the right and look up, there is a band of muscle that connects from my throat to my jaw that feels especially tight and nonelastic. This is, of course, causing more headaches.

I'm hesitant to list these, because I think some of these will be misleading. But here are some unusual issues that could have been contributing factors.

New job, high stress levels.

Had an impacted tooth for months before symptoms started. It got very infected September 2012 and again October 2012. Took a course of penicillin each time before having it removed December 2012.

October 2012, moved into a small, A-frame cottage with poor ventilation. When it started to get cold (mid November) I began to have a problem with white mildew. It began form all over the bathroom, as well as the lower level of the cabin. I also started using the heater. It was a ventless propane heater, and I had been instructed by the land lady to all the windows and doors closed while running it to conserve heat.

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