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Headaches, Maybe Sinus Headache

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2008
  • 10:17 PM

I have read many threads searching for someone to report having the same as mine and have not come across one type that I can say "that is me". There are so many different types of headaches.
I suffered from headaches for over 15 years. At first I thought it was normal then I noticed that they were getting worse and worse. What I notice is that my nasal pasages swell when I get my headaches or while I have my headaches. I don't know if the swelling causes the headaches or the headaches cause the swelling. My headaches hurt on my right side temple, right under my eyebrows, right behind my cheecks, deep behind my nose, on my left side temple, my top left side teeth (never on the right side teeth), top of my head towards the left side, behind my head (almost on my left side of my neck). My head at times feels foggy, my memory not at best, and my train of thought is gone at times. Just to write this has taken me a long time.
I have had CT scans, MRIs, blood tests, allergy tests, and sleep apnea studies done, just recently I had that done again, but nothing. Some of these done at Stanford Medical Center.
I have taken diffrent medications for my headaches and none have worked. Topomax, indomethecin (? spelling), Trimex, Claritin, Flonase, Astelin, Veramyst, Nasonex, Allegra, Avelox, Ceftin, Deltasone and many more that I don't recall since its been years suffering of headaches.
Doctors ask me if it is Migraine or this or that..I don't know, I only known this type and I don't know what it is called. We kinda have agreed to call it Sinus Headaches. They have given me antibiotics for the sinuses but still I have my headaches. I sometimes do not feel my sinuses swollen and I still have a headache.
I now take 4 advils in the morning another 4 at around 3pm and another 4 at 10pm. I also take Sudafed at night to help me sleep and breathe comfortly. I have tried not taking anything at all and see how the headache would last and I think it would last for ever. The longest I could hold for was about 8 hours, the aches are very strong.
I have turned to and read about natural drugs, one called Biodefender made by Balanceuticals. A friend told me about it and I bought a bottle and used it all as recommended, it is a 2 week deal. I had been keeping track of my headaches on a graph provided by a neurologist I am seeing in San Francisco. I keep track of how severe my headaches are, these are rated 1 to 10 and hour by hour. I noticed that in the middle of the second week of taking Biodefender, my headaches came down from being rated 9 or 10, to a 4. I am going to go get me another bottle of it and continue taking them and see if the headaches subside. I will come back and report what happens.

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