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Headache for 5 days Please Help

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  • Posted By: Ryan112390
  • February 9, 2009
  • 01:34 AM

Hi, 18 male here.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at a computer chair in school and was very into the work I was doing. This big guy (6'4'', huge muscles, can lift a grown man with ease) came behind me thought it'd be funny to like push the chair forward really hard, at the base of my back. He did, and I had the oddest sensation in my head and my eyes shut (not sure if voluntarily). I felt very like confused for only about a minute or so after.

To give some medical background: I have back problems include a lot of pressure all over the back and neck. I have very tense muscles in both areas. For the last few months, I've had dizziness on and off (not where the room is spinning, but where it feels like I'm on a boat, rocking back and forth or side to side). I've also had odd muscle twitches for a few months now, fasciculations and my muscles spasm/shiver in even a little bit of cold weather (I've become very sensitive to the cold; I'll feel cold when everyone else feels only a little chilled). Just a note too: I wear glasses for near sighted ness and a about 6 mos back the doctor noted increased pressure in one of the eyes; it wasn't there on the next eye exam three mos later. I've been on generic Toprol for tachycardia for the past year, and when I was first on it I would get numbness down my arm, which passed after a while.

Family History: Cousins on mom's side have MS, dad has hypertension and suffered a minor stroke a few years back. Dad's mom has TIAS. Moms father had hypertension and suffered a CVA age 53 and died of a second CVA age 55. Moms grandmother and aunt suffered/died from CVA in their 60s/70s. Uncle has had malignant hypertension since childhood. Sisters have hyptension; I do not. Cousin had heart attack in early 20s.

About a week after I got pushed I I had come down with a flu (102 fever, diarrhead, terrible vomitting, etc) which eventually went away. It lasted for a few days and spread around my family, so I know it was a flu. That was about a week and a half ago. A week before that, I had dental work done which resulted in my gums bleeding and I have two cavities.

Soon after, I began to feel a very odd feeling of lightness in the hands; as in, like i'd lose sensation in my arms and hands. Around the same time, I was taking a shower and felt very lightheaded, like I'd lose feeling in the hands and would feel very faint, and that lasted about 20 minutes.

Now, 5 days ago, I had odd muscle twitches in the right side of the head by the ears. I could accidently feel the bone/muscle on my skull twitching. Within 20 minutes of that, I suddenly got a feeling of pounding/clicking in towards the back of my head. For the first few days, the pounding/popping/clicking was literally constant, 24/7, and came with dizziness which only happens sometimes, and blurred vision/particles in my field of vision. The headache moved from the back of my head towards the front/top

I also felt nausea which has only gotten worse; I have very little appetite for food and when I eat say a hamburger, I feel like I'm going to vomit, but I don't.

For the last two days, the headache isn't 24/7 and only comes on towards the later part of the day. For example, I didn't really have it this morning but now it's back with a vengence; it feels like pressure all over my head and a pounding at the very top. My mother, who is a nurse, said my pupils are fine and she tested them with a flashlight and they reacted normally. Last night, I could barely flex my hands (they felt like ones hands do after caring a heavy case). I've had passing memory issues.

I had an MRI (w/out contrast) two days ago and it came back normal, but I had moved a lot during it but I don't think I messed it up. My doctor thinks it's migraines, but I don't know. I get very worried that the guy pushing me violently might've caused a brain hemmorghage, or maybe that I have some kind of infection which has gone to the brain This headache along with the feeling of near faintness scares me intensely; the other symptoms (loss of appetite, nausea) also scare me.

Please help.

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