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Head issues, with eye/nerve problems

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  • Posted By: AARON.321
  • January 31, 2009
  • 06:10 AM

About a month and a half ago, one day I started noticing a very quick sharp pain on the top right side of my head, it would do it off and on throughout that first day. Days following I started feeling some different pain all over my head, ALL at different times. Meaning I would get brief head pain on a part of my head at different times. Throughout the day I would get it on my top left side, then I may get it on the back right side, then the top middle etc....Each time it would be brief though and mild to moderate. I could still go about my activities. About a week in, my top left eyelid started twitching aggresively one day which I know is normal to get every now and then but it wouldn't stop, Off and on ALL day that day it was doing it, I went to bed that night and woke up the next day and it had gone away completely so that was good. I went to my doctors not to long after and after hearing this he said that the quick sharp pain sensation that i was describing was a muscle contraction, he said that he sees stuff like this all the time, he told me that it was tension/muscular headaches.

After doing a strength and balance test on me and looking at my retnas he said everything looked normal and I did good on the test. I told him that I was stressed and that I had a lot of anxiety which can be leading factors of tension type headaches/problems. I left that day in better spirits. a few days later a got the stomach flu for about 5 days, during that time my head issues didn't seem as bad, and then after I was better the head problems pretty much went away for a few weeks!

About 3 days ago, the head problem started coming back and getting more noticeable. On my right top back part of my head is where I mostly feel the pain. But once again, it's brief and only mild to moderate. And once again I will feel it on different spots all over my head but only one spot at a time, it's so weird. But it seems like it stays MOSTLY on the right side of the head. I will feel it as low down as my neck muscles and then as high up as the top right side of the head. My lower left eyelid has also been feeling like it has been twitching mildly the past few days off and on but when i look in the mirror i dont notice anything. The pain comes and goes but it's persistent and thats what scares me, I never had headache problems what so ever growing up, please hlep thanks.

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