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Chronic Pain on Crown of Head for 12 years!

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  • Posted By: Happy_go_lucky612
  • April 2, 2011
  • 07:42 AM

I've been suffering with Sharp pain on the crown of my head as if someone is taking a knife and trying to get out from under my scalp. Sometimes it feels like someone is frying up my brain on a frying pan. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this as it hurts so much.

This past year, it has gotten extremely bad. At one time it would come and have a devastating affect, but then it would get better for months. But now, it seems that I have it everyday non-stop. I will wake up in the morning....and depending it could start after 1 hour after I wake up or after 3 hours or 5! The pain on the crown of my head started 2 weeks after surgery to my colarbone on my right arm.

Now, I get throbbing down my right arm to my fingertips, I even get throbbing in my whole body and I quickly lie down on the floor to relieve the pressure from my neck and raise my legs up on my day bed hoping that would help. It does help but takes a while to get better after 1 hour or so as I have to try and relax and position my right shoulder backwards as my regular physician said that it is slightly leaning forward. I get a nerve-like pain in the front of my shoulder during the day...I guess I have an impinged nerve from it leaning forward! Also I get pain under neath my colarbones on my left side and my right side (although not simultaneously.....different days). I get pain in the muscle dead center of my upper arm in the left arm and then my right. I get pain in the middle of my upper back where the scapular meets the spine. At times I get nerve throbbing there...almost everyday. I get neck pain, throbbing in the back of my head on both sides of the back of the scalp, then the nerve in the back of the head is affected, and then it travels up the muscle in the scalp to the crown of my head. My eyesight is affected where my vision gets blurry where I'm not able to see up close as I have 20/20 vision up close. I used to get floaters in my eyes where it seemed like I was looking through broken glass and I was then blinded. At that point I felt like I was going to faint and pass out and felt nauseous. I had to sit down immediately hoping it passed, but it took a while that day. My rheumatologist told me that I got a migraine headache without the Migraine and that I was having a neurological problem and should be seen by a neurologist which I did and no one listened to me.

I have a bone spur under the scalp in my neck, I also have central herniations in 2 or 3 disks in my neck. Twelve years ago, after I came home from my surgery with the sling around my neck after fixing my colar bone, I could not lift my neck of the my recliner at home. My brain was telling me too, but I couldn't move my head. My daughter saw me in tears and asked what was wrong and so she cupped her hand under my head so that I could lift it. I know I have a problem with my neck as it started when I came home from the hospital 12 years ago....it doesn't take Einstein to know that.

I just recently went to have a 3rd nerve testing done although this one was intense and the doctor had 4 students in the room. I felt like a guinea pig, really. This doctor kept asking me if I was going to cry and I told him that I was able to withstand pain and I wasn't going to cry. Every time he stuck the needles in me, I felt like he was tearing my muscle as he was very rough with the needle insertion. I don't know if he was trying to prove a point to me or his students? I trusted in him to find my ailment and instead he used me as his pin cushion for his teaching class. He told me his only finding were that I only had mild carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I was so mad at him. The previous findings by another neurologist was that I had cervical neuropathy where I had impingements on nerves on both sides of my neck and carpal tunnel on both wrists, being worse on the right side. During the test he kept shaking my head with his hand constantly telling me to relax which I was. I believe his findings were not accurate. He worked at New York University Medical Center in New York. I never met such a rude, non caring doctor in all my born days!

I know I have a problem with my neck but I seems to think that it has some involvement with my thoracic. I say this because before my accident with my colarbone, I bent down to file something at work and I couldn't straighten up my spine...I was in a bent position. I was sent to orthopaedists in the city who injected my spine in 3 places, the lumbar, thoracic and cervical. On my way home that night, I felt the pain on the crown of my head and hoped it wouldn't be there the next day when I awoke from sleep and it wasn't. I went for an MRI of my thoracic and revealed no signs of impingement by the doctor who read it.

I went on a web sight...can't remember which one but this is what it said.
"A supraspinatus (top of the shoulder) muscle spasm can send pain to the side of your shoulder and down your arm. The trapezius muscle runs from the bottom of your skull, along the backs of your bollarbones, attaches to your shoulderblades and spans your back, ending in a point in your midback. It rests on and affects most muscles in your upper/midback and shoulders. Spasms of this muscle can cause headaches, shoulder, back and arm pain".
I get all of the above! I can't go to therapy because when I do, the pain on the crown of my head and throbbing in back of my head and neck get 10 times worse. I can't help but feel defeated as not one doctor will help me!

I'm seeing a pain management doctor right now who injected my neck with steroid/cortisone and it did not simply work. Two or three days later the pain on my head was back, the throbbing in my neck and shoulders and nerve pains in my arms came right back. I know that there is something some doctor can do for me, but it is finding the right doctor who will listen and be willing to troubleshoot! I hope someone will be caring enough to read my thread and be willing to help me! Thanks :rolleyes:

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