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Barometric Change Migraine

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  • Posted By: Abbydoodle
  • September 13, 2008
  • 01:10 AM

I am under current treatment for migraines and seizures. Infact yesterday was taken off 48 hour EEG trying to trace my seizures. Have had tonic clonic etc and went into coma. Have underlying genetic problems but those were normal at time.

However to make thinks interesting today (wished they had kept machine on head) I live in Houston. Barometric readings for my neighborhood started dropping during the night last night. The headache woke me up. I looked up on map sure enough millibars dropping with the bay pressures. So looked up emergency treatment.

Started with my medication, ketogenic diet of my cocoa butter and peanut butter, muscle relaxants, relpax for migraines and layed down. When husband rose, told him that eye would be over our neighborhood. Well of course late tonight they have confirmed that eye will come over our neighborhood. Duh, just ask my migraine.

I also had him get some emergency zanex. Am trying to lay zoned out on bed fighing the migraine. Dozing in and out of life. House is boarded up. We are not in the surge zone. We are not stupid enough to stay if that was the issue.

It was a barometric shear that caused me to have a seizure and then go into a coma a year and half ago. I am trying everything I can to make sure I am okay. Only thing I do not have and wish I did was cylinder of oxygen. Have appointment with neurologist in about 3 weeks. We are going to talk.

When I lay down, hubby keeps checking on me, and dogs are laying with. I am taking the cocoa butter and peanut butter by eating the peanut butter cups (epilepsy web page). Took extra seizure pill. Will take strong migrain pill when I lay down to sleep and take another zanex. I am going to beat Hurricane Ike. I don't like Ike.

Say prayers. My whole body hurts. My head feels like it will explode. Have had some nausea. Severe pain and pressure behind eyes.

So ironic, I told people at least two days ago that it was coming over my house in Houston based on the way my body hurt. That was when still targeted for South Texas. Hubby believed me and we updated our hurricane box of flashlights, medicine, books, food, battery powered fans, dog food, etc. And now the turkey will sneak through here tonight.

Wish I could club it with a huge baseball bat. As kid and teenager I use to love hurricanes and their smell --lived on Texas coast. Now they are my enemy --I know it has to do with the amount of fluid and oxygen in my head because of a really bad disorder I now have. In fact I know that the coma is how most of us have died in the past. I am determined to fight.

Sorry rambling. I am po'd tonight. I feel like the storm is a mean ugle personal attack monster and my body is a traitor tonight. I was not really expecting it to be this bad. This is my pitty party letter. I hopefully will be better when this sucker goes somewhere else.

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