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Numbness in hand after waking up from sleep

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  • Posted By: Afraid
  • November 1, 2010
  • 03:26 PM

I am unemployed and had food problem in my house.
Something like a year ago discovered a new supermarket rather luxury which got rid in their dumpsters big quantities of fresh and good food, absolutely edible.
I'm 51 by the way.
I started loading my car at nights with all sorts of fruits, vegetables, fresh fishes but unfortunately also with yellow cheese, sweets and candies, and cold cuts (ham, bacon, salami etc). I fancy those last very much.
We're talking about 10 kilos a time of all those things, of course at times there is nothing left as other people too rush there, but still.
In a period of 3 months and even earlier 10 kilos were added to my weight and this spring (6 months ago) I started having two acute symptoms, colitis and hand numbness after sleep.
I had colitis crisises in the past, but just a few hours with abdominal pain and gases followed by diarrhoea, very rarely and that did not bother me.
Now it was a monster constipation that was lasting days, even a weak, plus pain, plus gases and I ended in bed completely neutralized.
As per hand numbness after sleep, I had it once or twice during the last 10 years, for just moments.
Now it was also a monster sumptom, that I could not stop it even if I was trying half an hour after awaken. It's about the first 3 fingers of left hand, very rarely the last two and even more rarely the right hand.
But, I also noticed a slight numbness in my feet, behind the left knee and in left sole, which had been swollen by my dog a couple of years ago and was heeled alright without any other problem so far, also rarely in right foot (also wounded and healed last year).
Any and all of my numbness gets better with warm gloves and socks, if I approach to a heater or wash them with warm water.
So, this summer when I realized that, I immediately stopped going for dumpster diving and lost 10 kilos. Immediately after I stopped eating that stuff all symptoms stopped even before to lose the extra weight and during the summer everything was alright.
Now some month ago, given that I was not overweight any more, I thought it was OK to go again and was very hungry.
There were some 10 kilos of fresh and tasty family ice-cream packages not expired, I took them with other things and consumed them in a weak.
I immediately started again having both symptoms but this time, even scarier than the first one.
I managed to control constipation and colitis with lots of things I do (yoghourt with prebiotics, menth drinks, prunes and dried figs, cereals and if needed I'll take some prebiotics in pills) but the finger numbness is uncontrolled.
I stopped again dumpster diving of course.
Many times I awake at night because of numbed fingers and when I manage to stop it and get asleep again, it starts over, I cannot sleep OK.
Sometimes during the day it happens again.
I had my blood checked and is everything alright except of cholesterol that gives a 234 while normal is up to 200 but local doctors do not think it's the source of hand numbness, they speak about cervical syndrome.
Cannot explain to them how surprisingly both symptoms coincided both times with dumpster diving cause cannot really mention at all to them I was doing this (I'm ashamed and cannot describe, even if I could they do not seem willing to listen this) and as I checked
http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/symptoms/hand_numbness/view-all.htm could not find cervical syndrome in hand numbness conditions listing.
I'll try to stay in a diet and exercise to drop my cholesterol.
I'm afraid though, I'd be grateful for any advise.
P.S. I checked my blood pressure with a little device I have at home, many times and it's always normal and also I check my blood for diabetes at home with some stripes and is always alright.
P.S. 2 Sorry for my english, it's not my mother gongue

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