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Joint swelling/redness then bumps on fingers..

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  • Posted By: themetricsystem
  • October 26, 2008
  • 06:04 AM

So, throughout the past two or so years, about every few months I get these strange symptoms: usually exclusively my right hand. First (what I thought) was my last joint on a few of my fingers (usually middle, ring, and index) will start to ache, and then the next few days they will start to swell slightly on the underside and sometimes side and rarely top of the joint where the aching was. It's nothing HUGE but there is a definite difference in size, and then the skin and underneath (what I assumed was my joints) both ache for a while. Then after the symptoms peak, the swelling starts to go down, the pain goes away, and the skin bump(s) go down and sometimes harden and where they were is barely noticeable.

When I have these episodes, generally the affected skin stays where the (supposed) joint pain is, but sometimes it is scattered sparsely around the affected finger(s) in small lumps that vary in size to one another, but still mainly collected around the joint. They may be fluid filled but the skin on them isn't thin as though they could be easily popped, and they have never ruptured on their own. I get the same thing sometimes on my toes but it doesn't start with joint pain, I just get small spots on my toes of sensitivity on the skin and it eventually passes.

I went to a doctor for it once, but the sparse smaller bumps weren't present and he just told me I needed to keep my hands warmer, and I complied, but it didn't help. I researched it recently and found there was something called Herpetic Whitlow, which is essentially herpes of the finger. Mine slightly resembles the more minor picture of herpetic whitlow, but mine never progress and pop or rupture, they just go back down and sometimes harden.

Here's my info:



Medication:Adderall XR 25mg & 5mg generic

Sexual history: has had multiple partners but none showed signs of herpes, and current girlfriend of 1 year doesn't have it.

Signs/previous symptoms: kanker sores ever since I was young, but never had cold sores or genital herpes. I got the toe symptoms (skin sensitivity on parts of toes) since 8th grade, when I had never had a sexual partner.

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