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85% Pubic + head hair loss + strange sensations in feet, doctor says "you're fine"

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 9, 2010
  • 10:57 AM

Hi there! This is my first post here.

I'm hoping someone could help me out. I'll keep it brief while i do my best to cover the relevant points that got me where i am at now:

I did a crash diet a while back, maybe 8 months ago, that lasted for like 2 months. I was eating essentially fruit. I was not trying to loose weight sine i weight about 53kg and I'm 1.80meters tall... it was just that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I did some research and decided that a lot of things were bad for health...

Some 4 months ago I noticed I had less hair in my head. Since I had already gone back to my normal diet I though it was because of seborrheaic dermatitis. But some research revealed that i probably had some form of nutrient deficiency.

Even though the hair loss is severe, like 50% of the hair, to a casual looker i'm fine because I had lots of hair...

I went to my family doctor and he said i was fine, that it was just anxiety and gave me blood tests that show my hemoglobin levels to be at almost 16 (i don't recall the exact number) so he said my hair loss was just normal hair loss. I asked him if it could be b12 deficiency or other nutrient deficiency and he said no because if it were I'd have lower hemoglobin levels.

I ignore is advice and bought vitamin supplements, in the pharmacy they recommend me "ecophane" so i began taking 2 pills for the last 2,5 months (it's a 3 month treatment and i'm almost finishing it) I also bought b12 supplements, 400% of rda, i bought pills because the pharmaceutic said that "sublingual b12" supplements did not exist :| There were 20 pills and i took one each day...

okay, so, yesterday i couldn't get to sleep because of strange sensations in my feet, it feels like when you get near a subwoofer and feel the vibrations, or when you cut the circulation and than it is restored and you feel the blood tingling inside. It's going on right now and it's really annoying.

I remember reading that b12 deficiency causes this, but can i have b12 deficiency if the other old blood tests are fine and if i took b12 supplements for 20 days and if I'm eating milk, meat and fish for like many months now?

Another thing, the hair loss is now stationary as it seems, but I never recovered my lost hair. And even though I had curly hair now it's mostly not curly. But my pubic hari continues to fall, without exaggeration i've lost about 85% of it, i can see all the skin below the hair and before i couldn't. If i try to pull the hair it comes out impressively easily.

I never took a multivitamin nor iron supplemnts. just b-complex vitamins adn regular diet i had before the crash diet.

BEfore i had the tingling in the feet, before yestarday, i thouhg i was just going trough a period of telogen efflevium caused by the crash diet and i though i was going to heal with the vitamins.

I'm a 22year/old male.

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