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Temperature is all over the place

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  • Posted By: Leah01
  • October 27, 2006
  • 06:58 AM

I've had problems with fatigue and sleepyness since I was 13 or so. I used to have sleep apnea, so we always assumed that's what it was. I lost some weight and the sleep apnea is gone...but the fatigue and sleepiness never went away. When I turned 17, new things deveopled. Unsteady gait, bad coordination, tremors, memory loss, dizziness, weakness (especially on my right side), and muscle twitches. I went to a neurologist and MRIs were done...everything came out normal, so I did physical therapy to help with the weakness and coordination.
So anyway, I'm about to turn 18..and I've started having something else happening. I would (almost always at night) suddenly feel very feverish. Weak, exhausted, and hot. After 2 months of this, I finally bought a thermometer so I could see if I was actually running a fever. I noticed my temp is all over the place. It was 96.3 (I even double checked for accuracy)...then 15 minutes later, it was 98.4. I felt really, really weak and feverish when it was at 98.4....which makes no sense, because the normal temp is supposed to be 98.6...and mine never is. It's always low. But I don't feel cold.

I think I must have bad circulation or something. Whenever I stand up, I often feel faint. When I wake up in the morning, I'm white as a sheet. Super pale. It takes about half an hour or so for the color to come back to my face.

Does this sound like anything? I just want this stuff to go away! I'm going to college next year, and I can barely get by as it is.

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  • Do a Google search on Chronic fatigue syndrome. And POTS---Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.I've been researching all of this for my 11y girl. Her symptoms are of these syndromes----even though Drs deny it exists.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 7, 2006
    • 02:26 AM
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  • I suggest you get your thyroid tested and also that you get tested for anemia. Also, you may be deficient in nutrients. take a multivitamin every day
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 8, 2006
    • 09:26 PM
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  • All the symptoms sounds like CFS also known as CFIDS (chronic fatigue Immunity Disfunction syndrome). I myself have fairly severe CFIDS (Ive had to spend time in hospital due to it even recently) ... so i'll include here a list of the symptoms i get with my CFIDS so you can compare. For me..CFIDS is like having the symptoms of parkinsons disease, MS, alzheimers and epilespy all in one. If you have CFIDS you may find more of these symptoms coming in over time, the illness also changes over time.. so symptoms one has early one with it, one may have completely different ones at a different stage of it ... My own CFIDS symptoms over the 10 yrs ive had this are"1/ post excertional fatigue (both physical and mental)2/ fatigue 3/ exhaustion (physical and mental)4/ feeling weak5/ feeling feverish6/ feeling fluish7/ feeling like "death warmed up" (like feeling pale and like one is on deaths door)8/ feeling faint and dizzy9/ apathy10/ feeling overwhelmed at times (this happens when I get overload..eg too much stimuli happening.. it can throw me into body shakes)11/ feeling depressed (that was the first year of my illness)12/ panic attacks (new symptom this year)13/ rapid mood swings (new symptom this year)14/ feeling suicidal (first year of illness.. and also this year)15/ feeling cold (I sometimes need to wear a jacket or even gloves on warm days)16/ feeling hot (I sometimes heat up doing the slightest thing..eg vaccuming one floor)17/ Im intollerant to both heat and cold eg ive collapsed twice at different jobs when it was hot so my bosses wouldntallow me to work with them in the heat anymore and just freeze up and go intoshivering very easy on a cold day18/ intollence to light, it hurt my eyes (only back when I had the FM)19/ intollerance to sound (hurts my head..and fast music can be too much in the speeds of its beats for my head and can send me into shaking)20/ body sensation numbness ..eg At the moment Ive got a numb right hand... I couldnt feel my friends hand holding it well or him stroking it well today. Its a new symptom.21/ feeling stiff (only in the past when I had the FM)22/ muscle pain23/ bone pain (only in the past when I had the FM)24/ all over body pain (hurt laying on the bed cause of touching it.. with the FM)25/ strange body sensations (like ants all crawling over me.. and also of like spiders biting me..so much I'd yelp with it at times)26/ pain inside my body which would change places and like pressure or pushing (only with the FM)27/ joint pain (back with the FM.but the muscle and bone pain was more of an issue)28/ eye pain like behind my eyes (only with the FM)29/ headaches (when ive over excerted myself)30/ sore throat31/ swelling of my toes of both feet and pain there (I couldnt wear shoes for two weeks..doctor said I had chillbanes and gave me medication)32/ swelling right hand (a recent problem.. no pain involved with it)33/ weakness of my right hand (a new problem ..specific to that hand, affecting fine motor skills eg its hard to dip a biscuit in a cup at times. I cant hold my newborn neice on that side for even 5 mins at the moment)34/ major spasming of right hand (a new problem.. spasms at rest)35/ loosing control of right hand (a new problem.. it will suddenly let go of things and attimes I cant write with it anymore cause its hard to control, cant feel it well)36/ Raynards syndrome in my fingers (when cold or I get stressed)37/ Pins and needles feeling cause of poor circluation easily38/ swollen glands39/ blurry vision (only when I had the CFS/FM)40/ severe memory problems (short time and long term) which are worsening eg I forgot how to use a phonebox yesterday and then when i left there..i left my money there!!!. I forget friends names at times and once forgot where I worked!!!!Ive done the same thing with my car..thought I it had been stolen when my car was right in front of me, i couldnt recognise my own car.41/ blank outs/mind lapses?? (Petit Mal seizures??? - absence seizures (conscious but unaware of my actions.)42/ confusion eg yesterday..freaked out thinking i'd lost my purse so was looking for it, it was in my hand the whole time43/ difficulty concentrating44/ difficulty working out things which require mental effort eg adding up can be hard,cant work out things in my head easily45/ difficulty understanding language..46/ difficulty talking ..I often say wrong words in sentences and at times find myself able to speak properly.. eg forget how sentences start..or jumble the whole sentence up47/ slurred speach48/ rashes (I have a rash of some kind on my right arm at the moment) (a doctor said it could be a viral kind of rash..but he didnt seem to know)49/ shortness of breath (new symptom.. its like i cant get enough air, it can happen on excertion)50/ muscle weakness (my legs can buckle and give way if I stand in the one spot toolong. Standing in phone box talking to someone can be hard)51/ muscle twitches52/ poor appetite (i need to temp myself with foods to make myself eat)53/ food intollences (a new symptom.. causing stomach pain, sore throat, tiredness etc) Im now worried about what foods are going to cause me to react and its putting me off of eatting at times.54/ insomina (okay at the moment, had problems with that last at the start of this year and in the past)55/ balance problems (I loose balance easily and can just suddenly fall over)56/ I cry easily at things57/ easy bruising??? (I always seem to have bruises)58/ easy marking on touch (a friend of mine noticed this with me a couple of weeks back.. i was running my finger along my skin and it left a big red mark. My skindont seem to be doing that right now thou).59/ thirst (ive stopped doing that several mths back when I got treated by a homoeopath... i was drinking about 3 Litres on a normal day more when hot).60/ sweating .. (bad night ones when I also had the FM) .. I still sometimes break out in sweat easily eg while vaccumming a room. 61/ body shaking/trembling (on over excertion62/ tic (In the past couple of mths Ive developed a head tic ..major when it happens..body overload can send me into it.. once a breeze blowing on my face sentme into it. Its constant till the stimuli is removed)63/ abnormal taste sensation eg a salad sandwich may taste like pineapple when there is no pineapple on it64/ abnormal smell sensations eg body odour may smell like strawberries65/ hyper-reflexia (autonomic dysreflexia) eg body over reacts to stimuli ..this can cause meabnormal reflexes in my legs to even almost throwing a seizure on being touched, or having light shine in my eyes (when I get this I can get the other symptoms with this too high blood pressure ..eg 150/95 or more, sweating, anxiety, muscle spasms etc)" Im 35 yrs but due to the CFIDS affecting so much of my body, I now have been also diagnosed in the past four mths with hypercholestrolemia (cause i cant exercise to keep my cholestrol levels down and possibly due to other things its doing), I have polycystic ovulation syndrome (as all my hormonal system is out of wack), I have central auditory processing disorder (due to it's affects on my brain.. my brain cant make sense all the time of what my ears hear). CFS truely is quite a serious illness. There is some good news thou if you do have CFIDS... ive read that ones who get it as children have a higher chance of making a full recovery than adults. If you have CFIDS.. consider taking a year off of your schooling to give yourself a chance of recovery. One worsens this condition by pushing oneself physically or mentally when one already isnt feeling well. The worst one makes oneself.. the less chance of recovery one has so getting adequete rest is very important. (the rest needs to be based on what you feel like you need.. dont go comparing yourself to others).
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • November 19, 2006
    • 04:22 AM
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