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shortness of breath, dry mouth and eyes, fatigue, itchy skin, abdominal cramps, &more

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 2, 2010
  • 07:50 PM

I have been having a ton of problems and this is going to be a long post, but I sincerely hope someone can help.

I'm a 20 year old female.

It started in December when I was having depression so I went on Prozac. My doctor added lithium after I had no improvement after 6 weeks. My depression went away very soon. I then passed a kidney stone and a CT scan revealed that I had 3 of them. Haven't had any trouble with those and I haven't felt depressed since then.

About a week after the kidney stone, I started having shortness of breath. Not really shortness of breath, but the feeling of not being able to get enough air sometimes and like I have to take a really deep and uncomfortable breath to get enough air. I think it's worse when I'm talking to someone. Over the next month or two I also developed many other symptoms. My eyes are dry (I can't even wear my contacts all day anymore because they bug me and I usually end up switching to my glasses a few times a day so that I can see better). My mouth is also dry, I thought I was very thirsty at first, but I think it's more of a dry mouth thing because it gets worse when I talk. I also have been getting a generalized itching in various different places all over my body. I get really tired for a couple hours about 3 times a day too. I feel totally fatigued, and not even in a depressed way. I WANT to be doing things but I just can't. Finally, I get these sharp pains all around my abdominal area. Usually they are in the front below my ribs or in the back near where my kidneys are. Oh! I've also been having random muscle twitches (one of them is on my cheek right by my nose and above my lip and the other one is on my back behind my right kidney). Not really sure if that's related. I also get really dizzy and blackout almost every time I stand up, and my coordination and memory are worse than usual. I've lost about 15 pounds since December.

I have been to the doctor. My CBC, kidney function, pulmonary function, lung CT, brain MRI, and echocardiogram were all normal. She also checked for myasthenia gravis, it was negative. My thyroid was normal but the last time we checked it was early December, when my only symptom was depression. I've been checked for lupus 3 times in my life (the last time being about 3 years ago because of joint pain), they were all negative, but I'm thinking maybe it is some other autoimmune disorder?

I'm no longer taking the lithium and prozac, I took Wellbutrin for a while and now I'm taking effexor. I take Ambien every night to help me sleep because I wake up after about 3 hours if I don't. My doctor wants me to see a pulmonologist next to make sure there are no other tests we should do, but I'm sure there won't be. My old doctor eventually gave up and said it was just depression, but after over 2 months of this I really feel there is no way that is the case. I wish I could figure out what it is before things get worse.

Any ideas? Please?

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