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Rectal Foreign Body, abdominal cramps, and black stool (really gross)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 20, 2008
  • 08:39 PM


I'd like to give a bit of background before I go on to discuss my problem. I'm a man in my early 20s, and I recently had an unrelated urological complaint. While researching my complaint, I stumbled upon the practice of "prostate milking", which is where you stimulate the prostate through the rectum. Older men can have it done by their urologists, to prevent or relieve prostate infections. But it's apparently quite pleasurable as well.

And... well... curiosity got the better of me. I put a "****o" up my **m. And it... kind of got sucked-in. I wasn't worried. After all, it was approximately poo-shaped, rubber, and there's only one way out, right? However, when I tried to retrieve it, a squirt of bright red blood came out instead. 'Oh God!' I thought, 'This is the dreaded "I have no idea how it got there doctor" moment'. But I tried again a few minutes later, and it did come out. Thankfully.

This happened about 6-7 weeks ago.

A couple of days later, I started to suffer abdominal cramps and constipation. The cramps are not very painful, and they have been absent for the past week or two (they came back last night - still not very painful). They feel fine in the morning, but they seem to get gradually worse through the day. Even though the cramps are not very painful, they can be quite distracting.

My poo has become (sorry about this) very strange-looking. Darker, harder, and more "lumpy" than usual. A few weeks ago, it was narrower than usual, but now it's wider than usual, and difficult to pass (again, I'm really sorry about this). At one point, I was taking laxatives (Epsom salts), and seeing all kinds of strange phenomena in my toilet bowl (seriously, one poo was a hybrid affair, split light-and-dark straight down the middle, longitudinally). Also, it seems to turn the toilet water slightly black. And for the past 2 nights, my poo has been jet black in appearance (solid).

I know that black blood is serious, and is a sign of bleeding from the upper intestine. So about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I went to the doctor, who suspected inflammatory bowel disease, and sent me for some blood tests. I think there were 3 tests, but I have no idea what they were. The blood tests, apparently, came back fine, and I felt fine, so I forgot all about it.

But it seems to be flaring-up again. Obviously, I don't want to tell my doctor about the whole ****o debacle (talking about poo was bad enough), but I wonder if it would affect his diagnosis if I did tell him. Is it possible that the ****o innoculated me with some foreign bacteria? Did it maybe aggravate a previously asymptomatic case of diverticulosis/IFB/Crohn's Disease? Bowel cancer!?!? Is it possible that my colon has been perforated or irreparably stressed in some way?

Obviously, I don't have peritonitis or I'd be dead now. But I can't help but worry that it is actually something very serious. But I'd rather not endure the humiliation of giving poo samples and having my colon observed via my anus unless it is absolutely (*ABSOLUTELY*) necessary.

So has anybody had a similar experience to this? Any advice?

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