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Gastrointestinal ***l - Please help!

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  • Posted By: suffrin
  • August 31, 2009
  • 08:26 AM

Hi All! I am new to this site and am looking for help in resolving the many GI issues (and other related?) that have basically ruined my life. To be honest, I am at a point where I don't think I can live like this much longer. I hate to sound so dramatic but that's the way I feel. I mean I had to leave an awesome job which was basically prepping me for management, now have a strained marital relationship, and barely get to spend time with my 2 yr old son as I spend hours at a time in the bathroom due to issues (6) - (11) of this ailment.

Currently, I have the following issues starting from mouth to anus:

(1) At times have difficulty swallowing.
(2) Burning sensation in chest and at times in throat usually after meals and at night.
(3) Hard, forceful, uncontrollable burping - very embarrassing especially at work and around friends and family.
(4) Often time bring up what tastes like recently eaten foods to the back of my throat - usually after a series of the 'burps'.
(5) Stomach always feels extremely uncomfortable, full, and at times painful - I often wiggle and move around as if trying to escape the extreme discomfiting and painful feelings.
(6) Feel as if there is a bulge on the left side of my abdomen under my ribs. I can feel it internally and externally. Almost as if something is out of place or something is sitting on top of another organ or something. Physician says that he cannot feel it (or it may be a rib) even though I have had other people feel the same area and ask "what is that?" or "that can't be normal". When I bend over forward on the left side it is almost as if my breath is being cut off. I can feel it even more when I sit on a chair or to use the bathroom. Don't have this issue when I bend over on the right hand side. (Note - I don't get hungry anymore and if I chose not to can go for 2-3 days without eating or getting indication of hunger-weird).
(7) Passing stool is ***l! I literally think the reason why I don't sleep and dread going to bed is because I know that when I wake up I will have to use the bathroom and thus the horrific experience will ensue. I don't evacuate in one shot - it actually takes anywhere from 3 - 7 passings for me to feel like I have remotely finished. I have to manually evacuate stool from my anus/rectum as I never feel completely empty. Hemorrhoids make this process truly an exercise in mind over matter because once they get into the mix I literally feel like someone has lined my TP with napalm. I also feel as if I have a bulge in my anus (or rectum) that impedes the passage of stool thus the messy cleanup. Add the disturbing amount of mucus and this whole process actually takes hours!!! Yes, this is my morning routine 24 - 7!
(8) The shape and form of my stool is abnormal. It is never fully formed. At times it comes out grainy like sand and at other times chunky like sloppily formed meatballs or what looks like curves or bends in them. Always messy.
(9) The muscles around my anus/rectum are always tight - clenching, especially after the first bowel movement. Thus making the ensuing bowel movements more difficult to pass and even more difficult to manually extract.
(10) Tingling in left leg from left buttock down to thigh followed by periods of weakness. I also at times lose control of my left leg and it buckles (I usually almost always catch myself in time before I fall).
(11) Back pain almost daily
(12) Pain in my testes - at times sharp stabbing pain when I try to stretch my abdomen or dull constant pain after bathroom use and during the day.

In the past 9 years I have seen more internists and gi specialists till I can't stand to bear the site of another person in those long white jackets. I've been diagnosed with IBS (which is basically saying they don't know what's wrong with me), GERD, depression, anxiety, and other things which I think is utter nonsense. I have taken anti-depressants in low doses, antacids, nexium, omeprazole, and a host of other medications whose names I forgot since I have long tossed the bottles. I have had several colonoscopies, endoscopies (slightly inflamed stomach lining which doctor dismissed as non-serious), CT Scans, MRI's, barium meals, celiac sprue test, all yielding no results. I really have become bitter towards doctors and the medical field as they have given me nothing but ridiculous responses and an attitude that "it must be me because they can't see anything wrong".

I know this is a monster post but I need help badly. I don't think I can keep living like this. I feel like it is not only destroying my body but my mental health as well. I was once and athletic person who literally had many options open to succeed in life and now I am reduced to where I am today. This has severly affected every area of my life and I feel like I am no longer living just surviving each day. And the worst thing is that people who depend on me are suffering as well.

Anything anyone can send me to help with this would be considered a blessing because I feel like I am on my last leg and if that gives well......I just don't know.:(

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