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Need Advice on Possible Gall Bladder Problems

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  • Posted By: mandy1234
  • January 15, 2012
  • 06:51 AM

So about 6 years ago I had pain in my upper right abdomen under my ribs that radiated around my back to under my shoulder blade, with nausea and extreme heartburn. I couldn't eat anything. I was in another country at the time and the doctor was certain I had a gall bladder infection, gave me pain meds and antibiotics and prescribed me to a bland low-fat diet. When I got back home I got an ultrasound and no stones. But since then I have continued to have awful heartburn/acid indigestion requiring me to take prilosec every day. If I miss even one day I will get some form of heartburn. Sometimes it is burning, other times indigestion feeling and sometimes a heaviness in my chest (which a doctor once told me was due to acid build up and said I have GERD). I also had an EKG at the time and no problems there.

Ever since that time 6 years ago I have had digestive problems. I still occasionally get that aching feeling under my ribs on the right side, like a golf ball is lodged under there, and it spreads to my back. I am extremely sensitive to alcohol and caffeine. I get SO tired after eating that sometimes I have to force myself to stay awake. I feel bloated frequently, get constipated, and sometimes diarrhea, and it is unusual if I DON'T have some form of digestive problem in a given day, whether it's nausea or stomach cramps or indigestion (even with taking prilosec every day). I have had blood in my stool several times and have been tested for H.pylori (sp?) but it was negative; they said I probably just had a blockage.

I've learned to deal with these symptoms because in my experience if I don't have stones or something very obvious wrong with me, they'll just say I'm fine or it's my GERD or whatever. But very recently I've had dizzy spells, sometimes feeling like I will fall over if I don't sit down. Usually soon after or at the same time I get a stomach ache and will probably have diarrhea. I usually feel a little bit better afterwards. But I am tired all the time, completely fatigued like I could sleep for 20 hours straight. I also have had numbness/tingling in my hands. Went to the dr last week they did a full blood workup, and everything came back normal. She attributed my dizzy spells to my allergies because I'm congested and not breathing properly. I have been taking Claritin since but still get dizzy and it is becoming more apparent that it is somehow linked to digestive problems. I'm noticing that I'm more frequently getting the aching in my side and heaviness in my chest.

My question to anyone out there is if dizziness is a common symptom of gall bladder or other digestive problems, or if that's totally off the mark? My dr was convinced that because I am young (27) and seem healthy that it's nothing serious. She attributed the numbness to the way I sit or sleep and that I could be just hitting a nerve that's causing that sensation. But I vaguely remember the first attack I had those years back that I had a funny feeling in my hands. I don't know what to do; I will need her to refer me to a gastro specialist and if she does can I demand that they do more specific tests for gall bladder? Like the HIDA scan? Or should I put my trust in them to figure out the correct tests? I am a normal weight, I have a relatively healthy diet and I exercise; I only add this because doctors look at me like I'm nuts when I say I've had gall bladder problems. But if it's not that it has to be something else; I know my digestive system is not normal. I just want to have peace of mind and get some answers, so if someone has experienced something similar or has some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

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