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Gall Bladder disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 20, 2010
  • 06:07 AM

Hi guys,

I am a 19 y/o overweight male, drinkerdrinker, non-smokernon-smoker (loves long walks on the beach etc etc). Last June I got very very drunk at a party and had a very bad case of the hiccupshiccups. The next morning I experienced mild shortness of breathshortness of breath which was constant, a feeling like I needed to take deep breaths and I couldn't reach the "top" of the breath. A short while after, I started getting twinges in my chest, left armleft arm, neck and jaw, but they were not linked (i.e. they happened at seperate times). I went to hospital with this, they did a resting ECG and b/pb/p check, it was all fine and they sent me away telling me it was anxiety. This has gotten progressively worse and I now have headaches, a feeling of weakness in my legs, lower back painlower back pain, chest pain, continuous shortness of breath, tingling/pins and needles occasionally, get pins and needles easier than I used to. I have been to A&E several times and had ECG's done, had a clear chest x-raychest x-ray and blood test was normal. Also had a peak flow testflow test which was 680, above average for my age and height However I have started trying to lose weight, and for a while exercise was fine, I could run for 10-15 minutes with only the normal breathlessness that is expected. However in the past week exercise has become more difficult, I have started to get a weakness in my legs and a lower back pain. I have pains in my jaw, in my neck, in my gut, in my chest and in my arms, but these are completely seperate pains (apart from the chest into the left arm, that is a shooting pain but i only get that perhaps once a day). My doctor is insistent that it is anxiety, having previously diagnosed me with GERDGERD and put me on a 4 week course of OmeprazoleOmeprazole which had no effect. I am very worried that it is a problem with my heart could anyone possibly confirm this or suggest an alternative diagnosis? Thanks very much in advance!

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