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Broken foot/peroneal tear - am getting really worried

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  • Posted By: Vikefantam
  • October 22, 2009
  • 10:45 PM

I hope there is an ortho or pod doc expert out there who can help me, or even someone who has been thru this.

On August 1, I was carrying a large load of laundry down the basement steps. I thought I was at the bottom but still had one more step to go. I ended up stepping very ******n the outer aspect of my right foot, causing an inversion injury and my foot ended up to where the plantar surface was facing toward the ceiling, and then, my full body weight of 120 lbs landed right on my foot. For some silly reason, my brain registered 8 different cracks at the time of the injury, but I have so much crepitus in my joints, I didn't think much of it. I did, however, lie on the floor and howl for awhile.

Anyway, I waited a few days to see if it would get any better, knowing that the ER we have in town (which has rightly earned the nickname "the Morgue") would only X-ray the foot and ankle, wrap it, give me crutches and narcotics, charge me my $100 copay and send me home.

So, having worked for a large group of podiatrists in the past, I decided to wait and go see them. I walked (or should say limped) around on the foot for 4 days before I saw a doc. At this point, my toes were like sausages, and almost the entire foot, including the toes, was purple and black, even around the back. The only part that was colorless was the top of the foot, and I assume that was because there was so much edema in the area, there was no room left for any blood accumulation. I also had numbness in my toes and part of the metatarsals, which I assumed was due to the fact that my foot was so darned swollen that the nerves were being cut off.

Now, I know that working in the medical field for 20 years does not make me a doctor, and I should not be playing my own doctor. Unfortunately, I tend to do so sometimes.

Anyway, X-rays revealed an avulsion fracture of the navicular, which I was told was minor. I was placed in one of those fantastic Unna boots (I just love those things), which almost completely eliminated my extensive bruising within a week, along with a cam walker. The numbness resolved completely in about 3 weeks or so. The pain has been disappearing slowly but surely. At first, I could not plantar flex or dorsiflex my foot. I could also not perform inversion, eversion or a few other maneuvers. One by one, all of those symptoms got better but one. The plantar flexion was th4e next to last to disappear but I still cannot perform an inversion of the foot without extreme pain.

My very serious concern here is that the area around the peroneal tendon (it's funny how many docs misspell it as perineal) is still very painful. I have been in that cursed Cam walker for 10 weeks now. I have been told that hindfoot injuries can take months to heal but what is really worrying me is the fact that the rest of my foot is really starting to feel great. It's the area that I first stepped on, causing the inversion when I fell that still hurts like crazy.

I guess I am concerned that maybe I have a peroneal tear? For weeks, my foot kept feeling progressively better but now this one specific area is starting to hurt again. I have not had an MRI yet. I'm wondering if it is a peroneal tear and if so, will I have to have surgery to repair it, or do these often heal on their own? And, if it is truly a tear and is left to heal on it's own, will there be problems with it down the road? I am only 42 years old.

Any input would be greatly appreciated from either docs or anyone who has been thru this. Again, I would not be concerned in the least except for the fact that the pain is worsening in the area.

I will say one thing - I am a huge NFL football fan (been a Vikings fan for 35 years - I'm just a glutton for punishment, I suppose but at least I'm faithful) and I now have a newfound respect for these players who break their feet and come back and play 3 weeks later. Personally, I think it's nuts, but that's just me.

Oh, one last thing - unfortunately, even at my young age, I've had my share of surgeries (tonsils, 2 abdominal laparoscopies, abdominal hysterectomy, gallbladder and hand surgery, various inferitlity surgeries, and probably a couple I've forgotten about or blocked out - just kidding). The night I had my gallbladder out, I felt absolutely fantastic. I was out walking my 3 pugs that same night. However, some years before, I had hand surgery (no, it was not carpal tunnel) and I'll tell you what - I was lying on my couch screaming in pain, even with Percocet, so I am not looking forward to any joint surgery. Is there something about joint surgery that makes it so darned painful?

Anyway, thanks for listening. My gut tells me to go for a second opinion but how can I do that when I'm currently being treated by a doc I worked for, for so many years? It feels like betrayal (kind of like the Minnesota Vikings fandom thing, ya know? - LOL).


Thank you very much to anyone who takes the time to read and/or respond. I greatly appreciate it.

Tammy (who hated it when her Vikings signed the "waffling, tainted by the Green Bay Packers" Favre but who is loving him now). Any chance Donald Driver is a FA next year? (I'm only kidding - I don't want death threats).

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