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  • Extreme pain in feet

    VicG0390 0 Replies
    Posted in: Foot conditions July 28, 2014 10:29 PM

    Hey everyone I decided to make an account to get an opinion on this situation I'm having with my feet. So about a month or so ago I started getting pain in my feet (mostly heels) but it's to the point where I physically cannot stand up in the morning or I literally fall to the ground, the pain...

  • Big toe problem/pain

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Foot conditions March 27, 2010 12:46 AM

    I've been experiencing a pain near the outside edge of my big toe at the edge of my toenail, that looks and feels like an ingrown toenail. But I'm not sure because I have been indoors for 6-7 months rarely wearing any shoes at all. And I have been having this problem for over a month, treating it...

  • Confused about flat foot reconstruction

    lexi468 0 Replies
    Posted in: Foot conditions August 26, 2007 07:45 PM

    Hi:) I recently had a flat foot reconstruction(June of this year) and I still have quite a bit of pain.My surgeon says that everything looks good,and the "pain"I am experiencing is all in my head.I was very hurt and confused by his reaction to my complaints,so needless to say,he had me in tears....

  • child w/foot pain during the night

    dmarie0723 65 Replies
    Posted in: Foot conditions May 17, 2007 10:57 AM

    Periodically, for the past year, my almost six year old son wakes up in the night sobbing from foot pain. This seems to happen in streaks - several nights in a row for a week or so, then not again for several more weeks. He says the tops and sides of his feet hurt.I do think he is in genuine pain...