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19 years old/M/Please help

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  • Posted By: Sneakysloth
  • December 26, 2009
  • 06:01 AM

Hi all, happy holidays. I was wondering if my story sounds like FMS or MPS to you guys:

I suffered a strain of some sort when I was doing a right-handed grip strength exercise exactly two years ago (I was 17).
When this happened, I felt a sharp pain in my back and the right side of my trunk was extremely stiff and painful later that day. The ER told me I probably made a disc bulge and that I should go to physio. Physio helped a bit...but truth be told I didn't take care of the injury like I should have because I considered myself young and invincible, I went skiing, had a few falls, went to a few rugby drills and gave 100% in all of my gym classes.

For whatever reason, a couple month or so later I ended up with pain down my right arm and back and a VERY stiff neck, throughout the next year it was so stiff I could hardly get to school. To make matters worse, the right side of my back started to hurt. I had twisted it before when I was 16 but I never really had it looked at but it just seemed curious that it was becoming stiff, now of all times.

The pain and tingling in my right arm/hand started to subside but it was like the pain migrated over to the left side, even though I hadn't injured it. Possibly a muscular imbalance from holding the right side all stiff, but the left side of my upper body, particular the traps and neck started to get stiff and sore too. The symptoms have been so all over the place I doubt they are even related to the initial injury anymore, I have pain/stiffness in the front of my shoulders on either side, on my outer upper pecs, in my trapezius muscles, and all over my neck. It's the worst in the neck, and I've taken a look at the tender points charts and I'd say I certainly have pain in those upper body spots (and the right lower back).

I've been to physio, chiro, tried acupuncture once, active release and graston technique but physio is the only one I stuck with. My guy uses mobilization and traction techniques and started getting me to lie down on a tennis ball sort of a mini roller. It helped for a while but has started to lose its effectiveness. I just saw a rheumatologist - he said I probably have a mild case of scoliosis based on my right shoulder hanging lower but they need to run some more x rays and MRIs. He and my general practitioner are very brisk, uninterested people. I didn't mention fibromyalgia to my rheumatologist because I was running late and it slipped my mind.

Where I'm at now: I wake up not feeling rested and wake up once or twice during the night (but I have always been this way, I am not a morning person). I don't wake up in pain, and the stiffness does not occur during the morning (or whenever I get up, lol), it is usually worse in the evening. Physically, socializing hurts. I love my friends but when I am laughing or just going around places with them, I can feel everything in that upper body area clenching up. They have been very loyal but it's taking a toll on our friendships because I can't do a lot of the things that they can and I am bitter about it. I can't do much in terms of picking up boxes, helping my mom with groceries, all of that, I feel gimped, so to speak. It's like I can just barely get on with my day but I come across as grumpy and complaining and I'm constantly trying to stretch things out and massage my sore spots. At work, or at school, or basically anywhere with other people are when things seem to hurt the most - when I'm at home sitting in front of my computer, I'm much better. Weird, eh? It's a vicious circle then and I end up spending too much time on here.

It's cold where I live and I've noticed things are a little better in the summer. Swimming and hot water help quite a bit, and I have made a list of things that I have wanted to try but it's tough to schedule everything when you are as disorganized as me. I stay up very late most nights, especially on holidays and don't get up at the crack of down like most people.

I am going to university to learn to be a writer, and with this thing dominating my mind 24/7 it's like I can't think of anything else when I write and all I can write are morose, bleak pieces. I was always an absent-minded, forgetful kid and I was a worrier before this incident, but I honestly can't tell if this has made things worse (in regards to the dreaded fibro-fog). I use a thesaurus a lot when I write. I was struggling with depression BEFORE this happened and now I don't even know what I'm going to do, sports were my refuge and if I can't play them anymore I am going to go crazy, I am sure of it.

I suppose I should be grateful that I can get out of bed...but I am more scared than anything else because I don't know when or if this is going to go away. So. Any tips/suggestions? I realize that this probably doesn't sound like that bad a case and that there are other people in worse pain than I, but it doesn't change the fact that this is eating me up.

Thank you so much...I feel really stressed out.

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