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Herpes misdiagnosis?

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  • Posted By: katybug
  • August 16, 2010
  • 03:55 AM

About a week ago, I started feeling sick with all the usual flu-like symptoms: chills, fever, headache, lethargy, achy, loss of appetite. I thought I just had a summer cold and spent the first two days in bed. However, on day three, my vagina became extraordinarily swollen and painful. I was only comfortable sitting down in certain positions and walking hurt incredibly.

I went to the student health clinic (didn't have much of a choice due to the fact that I'm living near school for the summer and have no doctor near here) and saw a nurse practitioner. I had a fever of 100.2 when I went in and after less than ten seconds of examination she declared that I must have herpes.

I've only had one sexual partner- my boyfriend. He has only had one sexual partner- me. I am one hundred percent sure he isn't lying or cheating, and he has never had any symptoms of herpes. We have always, always used condoms and have not had any sex for the past month and a half.

I was devastated to get a diagnosis like that. The nurse said that she was 100% sure it was herpes due to all the pain I was in, even though it did not match my history. A second nurse came in due to how upset I was and also declared that she couldn't think of anything else it could be. A culture was taken and I was given ten days of Valtrex. I was so incredibly upset and ashamed.

I recently got the results of my culture- negative. However, the nurse continued to tell me over the phone that she didn't think she got a good enough swab and that false negatives happen all the time and that I should come back in six months (!!) for a blood test.

Yesterday, my boyfriend started to feel sick with flu-like symptoms- fever, headache, chills, achy. Sound familiar? He has no symptoms "down there", but besides that it seems like exactly what I was ill with, and he wasn't exactly careful around me when I was sick (still kissing me on the cheek, close contact).

Sorry for the super long story! I'm hoping someone on here will have some advice for me. Should I go to another doctor and get a second opinion? Since all of my symptoms have cleared up, I don't know if that would really be worthwhile. And if it isn't herpes, what else could it be? I have to admit, I seem to have all the symptoms of an initial herpes outbreak but it just doesn't add up.

Thank you!

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