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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2006
  • 09:34 PM

Just had a big floater show up after a strenous few hours of shoveling snow. I'm 55 and this floater is a grey squigly mass at 3:30 on the clock of my Rt eye just below center. It is most noticble when I move my eye Right to left. When out in the bright light there are more floaters at 11 on the clock. these are stringy strands long and twisted and they come and go but mostly go. They seam to move vs the grey blob which seams stationary. It is anoying as I'm on the computer all day and my constant eye movements make the grey blob show all the more. I had a friend tell me a story of his retenal tear happening last week. Glad he told me. His simptom was to ask his wife why the room was full of flys when there wernt any. We both went straight to an ophthalmologist bypassing the expense of a visit to our regular eye Dr. Our Eyes were dialated and examined. My condition turns out to be posterior vitrous detachment - no tears evident in the retna. where as my friend had a tear and the Dr imeadiatly lazered the tear and he reports all the symptoma are gone. I still have the floaters and have scheduled a 2nd check up in 3 weeks. I wonder if this is all I'll have to do. I'm warned this could simply a precurser to a retnial tear. I'm told that if the retina tears the retna will lose axcess to blood flow and the retina tissue can rapidly deteriate and dye leaving permant damage to my vision. So I am to imediatly report any suden increase in floaters . I also have minor light flashes running verticaly inon the right side of my rt eye. I'm told there is nothing to do about it. The floaters may settle to the bottom and be less of a bother to my vison within the next 3 to 6 months and the flashes will also diminish over the same time frame. I should come in for a check up every year from now on.
This is a bummer as I like to go into the wilderness every summer where I am days from any human contact where there is no radio or cell phone contact. I wouldnt want to have a retinal tear then!
The y exam was $123 and the follow up will be $50 For my friend add in the lazer treatment aprox. @1350 pluss a few mor diagonstic costs and more follow ups.
If you have any more information I'd be glad to hear it . I am also an artist and would hate to loose vision. My left eye is ok. Ids there any medication for this or should I be eating certain foods or taking certain vitamins etc???

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