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Disturbing Floater

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  • Posted By: phizaze
  • March 15, 2007
  • 00:45 AM

About a year ago, I was cleaning my floor in a semi-dark room, and I noticed an object in my field of vision. It looked like a bloated insect larvae, with a partly curled segmented body, darker eye(s), and it's tail came to a point. That point looked to be attached to a red blood vessel while the body had a little floating action. I was a bit freaked by this, but eventually started falling asleep much later that night. As I was falling asleep, I experienced a sharp pain in my already tired eye, followed by a flash and a red dot, where the 'larvae' had been. I called my parents, told them the story, and they said I was crazy. I thought maybe so, and I best try to get some rest and see my primary in the morning. I eventually fell asleep, after washing and looking at my eye for a while, not seeing or feeling anything else, besides a fading red dot. The next morning, I woke up with a larger than normal sleeper in that eye (not unusual). I proceeded to put it under my old electron microscope, and discovered, to my horror, that there were pieces of what looked like a segmented insect exoskeleton, and worse yet, pieces of insect looking legs complete with single joints and hairs (like a fly's!). I was freaking out.. I carried the slide and microscope into my car and drove to my parents' house. They refused to look. I eventually saw an opthamologist, who admitted that I have floaters, but said that one couldn't be a bug. Still, today (a year later) that big floater remains, looks the same, except a bit deflated, totally free floating, slightly decomposed. I see it every day, though I usually ignore it.

I first noticed several very tiny, hardly noticeable floaters in my eye(s) at the age of 7, while on an international airline trip. I do not and never have needed glasses or contacts.

My questions:

Is there a documented case of this? It seems that opthomologists are reluctant to talk about this.

What problems can the floaters cause in the future? (I am 29 yrs old)

Thank you,

PS- On WebMD, a Dr. running an eye health thread started a thread on floaters, asking if anyone wanted to share about theirs. I was the first reply, yet they deleted the whole thread the day after I posted- no explanation.

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