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began with endometrios but spread to other organs lead to a hysterectomy malignant

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 29, 2012
  • 04:14 PM

Endometrial Carcinoma 4=====What do i do ? I was 25, fighting a custody battle for my son and ex would have used it against me ( so my lawyer said) so I begged my dr not to put it in my file. but promised to get another dr to retest after court.My dr gave me a full hystarectomy a week before lost in court. The endometrios held malignant cells and spread everywhere ,scaring and ripping , he tried scraping as much of endometrios off my intestines and diaphragm, stomach, liver, and kidneys. He tried (but without chemo ....) but I'm going down hill and cant afford to even get retested now with out my family losing our house due to finances. He makes too much for outside help( 29 dollars to much) and his health insurance doesnt cover lab work with my dr hospital. they sent us a lamenated card with dr numbers to call (AmeriDoc)and concierge wellness who are never available to talk to and never call back. I had a young son who could not be around me if i went thru with chemo and i would have lost all contact with my oldest son because it would have been a threat to his health as well (court found out anyway, they asked why in my medical documents chemo was recomended and i refused to answer, I made the judge mad)Without it my dr gave me 3 years. I am 34 and suffering. The son I gave my chance up for was taken out of state. I risked every thing and lost it all. I've been coughing up blood the way some one with the flu would cough up mucus. My bones fracture with the slightest touch due hysterectomy meds being a risk of causeing the tumurs in my breast to grow. I took the pill when I was younger and suddendly they found cysts with malinant cells, I was only 14. My first battle as a teenage. My first battle was when i was a child, diagnosed when three wasn't expected to live past six. I AM STILL HERE! and during this time i watched my mom die from an over sight of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, my Gram Gram starve to death from stomach cancer. And my dad has no good reason to ignore the results of his prostate exam! Why am I the one still here? I am a Reverend and am losing faith in God's compassion. If I can't get medical help I'm just gonna go out with a bang. I swear I'm gonna go out fighting. I think I am gonna borrow a trike kiss my kids tell them i love them and hit the road maybe florida , i cant let them see me get any worse .... my husband and i had this talk with them my youngest son told me to find a MC (Motorcycle club) and save them. Beautiful heart, my little monkey has. I dont have the heart to tell them I wont make it that far. I don't have the strength to ride again.
I have been given expiration date after expiration date but i kept fighting the pain. No meds. No drugs. I am at the point that my stomach isnt producing enough enzymes to break down my food . I wish i knew how much longer this has to go on for.... any one know of how i spend the rest of my time?

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