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Breast pain!!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 18, 2007
  • 07:39 AM

I have been reading alot on this site and wanted to make sure that I put this on here to help others that are having the same synptoms! My breasts hurt so badly for so many years and after seeing 5 specialists getting the same answer from all of them that I had Fibercystic Breast Disease and that my breasts were going to have to be removed to stop the severe pain! I would see these doctors and after being examined I would dress and pay the doctors bill and leave! I didn't want to hear it!

Finally I got so bad that I went to see my OB/GYN and he sent me straight to this surgeon friend of his! I was finally having to face what these doctors were telling me! This surgeon did examine me and then told me (to my surprise) that I didn't need my breasts removed...I needed the male hormone Projestin shots! I thought this doc was crazy but let him give me the shot and I went home telling my DH of this shot and what this doc had told me! By the next morning the breast pain was subsiding and by noon it was completely gone! So every time I would have this pain start back (once a month) I would go in and get this shot and the pain would stop!

I wanted to post this for the ones that are going thru what I went thru! Surgery wasn't the answer for me this time and I have often wondered how many women had this unbarable pain and went thru this surgery!

I hope this helps someone that is going thru Fibercystic Breast Disease! My doc finally gave me the med so I could just give myself these shots as I needed them! I felt like a new person after getting rid of the pain, swelling, and the fever in my breasts!

If your going thru this please ask your doctor about trying these shots! Alot of doctors told me that these shots would make me grow hair on my chest and face! My reaction was "at least the pain wouldn't be there"! this was so painful til I knew something had to be done!:rolleyes:

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  • Thank you! I have FBD, too, and it hurts more when my disc herniation is acting up. I sure will keep your information in mind if it gets too bad.
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  • You are quite welcome! When you have FBD it hurts more than you can tell anyone for it is a pain that hurts all the time plus when you try to even use your arms it sure makes this hurt worse! I was dumbfounded after seeing all the doctors and specialist that I did and all I got from them was the only way to stop this pain was the removal of both my breasts. My DH told me that if a doctor told me the truth I automatically didn't like him or what he was telling me! That it wasn't that all these soecialists were incompetent but was my not wanting to believe them b/c I didn't want to have my breasts removed! Thank God for the surgeon that I seen last for he wasn't the type of doc that would do surgery just for the money he would make! He really really cared and he knew I was really in a lot of pain. Can you imagine him telling me that all I needed was a Progestin shot everytime that I started having this pain? After him giving me a shot of Progestin that very evening and telling me it may take a few shots to get my Progestin level right! At first I didn't really believe him but the first shot started making the pain less and then he gave me a second shot and I barely had pain at all so then I couldn't deny it that this "wonder drug" to me had started working! Then it was a shot everytime the pain would start back (about once a month) and the shot of Progestin would completely stop the pain! Please find a doctor that does believe (some don't/didn't) that these shots do stop the pain plus they don't cause your whiskers to grow or hair on your chest like a mans! ome doctors told me this would happen to me and they wouldn't give me the shots so I looked futher til I found a doctor that was willing to give these hormones! If you really try this and give it a chance to work...it will work for too! Pleas keep me informed as to how you are doing! BoRu
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  • When I talk to others no one knows of FBD and you are right you can't explain the pain but you have to manage through it. I am sorry to hear you are going through this also but it is also good to finally hear that I am not the only one out there. I was told of the shots but was discourage because of the side effects, unless I can't dead with the pain anymore. My doctor did tell me that she would not remove my breast and that it may not even help with the pain. What more is that I have gotten lumbs that hurt so bad I have to have them removed, and pain meds don't work for me at all. I am only thankful I only have FBD in my right not left yet, which I was told that was rare. I have gotten good using my left arm more often. Do you have any side effects from the shots you take?
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