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Tonsil Stones? Or Something Else? (Warning: "Graphic" Pictures)

  • Posted By: TonsilTrouble
  • February 12, 2010
  • 10:15 PM

Hello everyone.

I am really happy to find this forum. I have a persistent problem with tonsil stones and I am desperate to get to the bottom of it!

However, I also have another strange nose/throat symptom which *COULD* be due to the tonsil stones, or *COULD* be another condition completely. That is where I am hoping to get some input.

I have all of the typical symptoms of stones, and often times I am able to get them out via the usual methods of syringe, waterpik, etc...

I typically get between 2 to 10 or more stones out and into the sink on a weekly basis.

My more desperate concern however, is the presence of these "other" entities inside my throat/nasal passage area.

It feels as though these "mucus balls" are stuck behind my uvula and almost as if they are in the back of my nose... Right ABOVE where the nasal passage
and throat/mouth meet.

I can "feel" them in this area almost 24/7. Even when I manage to cough one up (usually violently), the sensation is replaced mere hours later.

The mucus balls are always the same consistency. There is a green-ish EXTREMELY STICKY "goo" section... And a hard, crusty, dark brown-ish section connected to the goo section.

Each and every time I produce one of these balls, it comes out in that fashion... 2 distinct "sections" that form one large ball.

I have done the unpleasant duty of "inspecting" a few of these balls, and I do not THINK that they contain tonsil stones, because crushing sections of the dark brown crusty sections does not produce
the typical rancid tonsil stone smell...

It is as if I am getting some sort of mucus plug in my nasal/throat area.

I am 25 years old and have been having this problem since I was a teenager and I am desperate to understand it so that I can combat it.

Diet, water drinking etc. have no effect on production of these little bastards.

So, my question to you all... Does anyone else get similar looking/feeling mucus balls if you also suffer tonsil stones?

Any medical professionals ever seen these things? Or have an idea of what they are or how I am producing them?

Mucus Ball 1... Note the 2 separate sections.

Mucus Ball 2... Completely different occurrence. Notice the similarities.
They are like this each and every time.

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