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Tonsil Stones - My Tonsillectomy *21 Days After*

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  • Posted By: GreenNight
  • July 9, 2009
  • 09:54 AM

I am a 18 year old male. It has been 21 days since my Tonsillectomy. Adult tonsillectomies are tough I wont lie. I've had 5 surgeries in my life, ears, eyes, wisdom teeth, testicles for testicular torsion where I almost lost a testicle...and this was by far the worst. So back when I was trying to decide if I should get a tonsillectomy all I wanted was to hear someone's story...but I could not find one. Well I would be a hypocrite if I didn't at least try to help someone with the same problem. So here it goes. I made an account for all of the sufferers out there. IF YOU ONLY WANT TO JUST SEE THE RESULTS SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM.

My problem:
I had been dealing with tonsil stones for years and they had only been getting worse. Every day I would end up hacking them up or squirting them out with the water syringe they gave me a while ago for my wisdom teeth. They are disgusting. I was always self conscious and worried one would come out at the wrong time...on a date, when I'm speaking, ive had it all happen, ugh. I used to look back there with a flashlight up to 20 times per day.

Failed Solutions:
I tried Dr Katz, f*** that con artist. I tried gargling with salt water. I tried nasal irrigation (that actually helped a bit but not enough) I tried new tooth pastes, mouth washes, flossing, tongue scraping, 3X daily brushing, I had amazing oral hygiene and nothing worked. So I said screw it - Tonsillectomy time. I did NOT want to be doing this for the rest of my life. I had images of me in a business suit and before I leave for work trying to gargle these things out...screw that.

Doctors Visit:
2 different doctors, all I said was I had tonsil stones, I told them I was sick of them, I told them I was disgusted, both understood and both approved me for surgery in 1 visit and both would be covered under my insurance so I got to choose my favorite.

Surgery and Recovery: First let me say, was it worth it? YES, YES, YES 100 TIMES THIS WAS WORTH IT FOR ME. I will tell you later in the post the benefits I've noticed so far.

Day of surgery, they knock you out, rip em out, wake you up. TELL YOUR ANESTHESIOLOGIST IF YOU ARE PRONE TO BEING NAUSEOUS!!! I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. The last thing you want to do is throw up right after throat surgery. Pain of the 1st day is surprisingly low. I rated it 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. This will fool you. You are not in much pain because of the steroid injection they give u during surgery. This wears off soon. Nothing will prepare you for the pain to come I promise.

Day 2: Pain starts increasing. Throat only so far.Pain = 5

Day 3: Pain was terrible. The pain migrated to my ears. The pain was throbbing and will bring you to your knees. Pain = 9

Day 4: Pain was worse. Pain = 10 / 10 Mornings are so bad...so bad. Complete ***l. I took 2 percocet and my stomach rejected it. I threw up for 7 hours straight. I couldn't keep liquids down. I took Phenergan and I threw it right back up - Useless anti nausea medication it sucked. I got dehydrated, ended up in the emergency room. In the ER they gave me another steroid injection to calm the pain and they gave me the strongest anti nausea meds they had - these meds were made for cancer patients...they were perfect, a god send, I love the inventor of these.

Day 5: Steroids still in effect Pain = 4

Day 6: Wore off Pain = 9


Day 8, 9, 10: Pain = 10

Mid day 11: My friend made me laugh, it broke my scab on my left tonsil wound and i spit pieces out, the pain went from pain = 10 worst of any day to pain = 2 within 10 minutes...I was so happy I almost cried.

Days 12 - 14: Gradual recovery, pain is almost non existant, worst problem is my stomach pain from not eating real food just liquids. I felt terrible and nauseous and the taste of the scabs is disgusting.

Day 15 +: Amazing

3 - 5 puddings a day for days 1 - 13. Terrible stomach pain after day 6 from not eating...but I couldn't. I ended up losing 15 pounds and I dropped down to 125lbs...Im trying to gain it back now because that is unhealthy.

I am eating normal foods again after 18 days, chicken, salmon, quesadillas, mmmm tasty haha :p:p:p

I drank over 25 cups of ice water per day. It will help with pain, swelling, reduce risk of bleeding, and keep you hydrated. I *****d almost every 15 minutes lol. After like 5 days water tastes funny and gross because of your scabs...try your best. If you like Gateraide then god bless you because I think it tastes like **s but it will help cover the taste for you. Mix it 50/50 with water so you don't get too much salt.

Don't: cough, clear your throat, sneeze, bend over, exercise, talk too much, lay down flat when you sleep, take advil, pepto bismol, asprin, Vitamin E or anything that will thin blood. DON'T DRINK OR EAT DAIRY! They say eat lots of icecream after tonsils right? They lie: it builds up mucus in your throat and chokes you cause you cant clear your throat and the taste of rotting milk will stay in your thorat for days. IT...IS....GROSS.

Do: Swallow your pills in pudding or yogurt so you don't risk hitting your scabs. Rest a lot. Get someone to help you through recovery.

Benefits I've noticed so far:
The tonsil stones are gone...well DUH!. And guess what? Even when I had 16 day old rotting scabs in my throat...my breath smelled 100X better than when I had tonsils. I mean wow...BIG DIFFERENCE. I remember coming home on the 1st day and just smelling my breath and smiling...it smelled like nothing...what I've always wanted haha. I went 2 days without brushing my teeth after surgery...and my breath still smelled fine.

When I scrape my tongue now...no muscus build up on it and it doesn't smell. I only scrape off saliva...so I stopped...there isnt a purpose for it anymore.
I overall feel better. My tonsils were apparently HUGE the doctor said he was shocked to see how big they were and that I definitely needed them out and he didn't realize how bad it was from the outside.

Was it worth it for me? 2 weeks of absolute ***l, terrible pain? Yes. For a life time of good breath and not having to worry constantly about my tonsils, it feels like a relief. The stress I put myself through on a daily basis, the amount of gum and mints I ate, the amount of times I licked my wrist to smell my breath, the amount of time i spent in front of the mirror trying to hack them out, the amount of time I spent using a flash light checking, the sore throats and strep throats, F*** all of that I'm done with it...I will never look back. I am completely satisfied with my decision.

I hope this helps at least 1 person. Lemme know. ;)

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