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Please help! Mucus/dark circles/bad breath...

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  • Posted By: Grlchatterbox
  • November 8, 2006
  • 01:29 AM

Ok.. I need help!! I've been going through this for about ten years now. I am twenty three right now and this is destroying my life! Every morning I wake up w/serious dark circles around my eyes and very congested. I am also very irritable all the time. I have mood swings all the time. I have a hard time sitting still. Additionally, I am always tired.. I can never seem to get enough sleep. In the past few years these symptoms have all just gotten increasingly worse. I now have excessive phlem in the back of my throat. It has gotten so bad that I have to spit like every fifteen minutes. The phlem is very thick and sticky but its clear. Even worse is that I have terrible bad breath. It's extremely embarrassing. I brush, I floss, I use mouth wash.. I've been to the dentist several times and he says everything is fine. I've also been to the ENMT doctor and they told me this might be acid reflux. I was taking Prilosec for six months.. twice a day.. that didn't work... now I am on Nexium and this isn't working either.. I'm abt to give up completely... I still think these symptoms all have to do w/allergies... I've taken all those allergy pills Allegra, Allegra D, Clarinex, Claritin, Zantec, etc etc. Nothing works!! The most terrible part abt this whole thing is the bad breath... and excessive phlem. I am unable to maintain a job because I have to get up every fifteen minutes to spit out this mucus.. not to mention I can't speak to anyone because my bad breath just blows them away... Its awful... I just want to have a social life.. I want to be able to enjoy life... this is causing me a lot of depression... does anyone have any ideas on what I might have or what this might be?? I've tried eliminating all dairy and meats from my diet and that hasn't helped w/any of the phlem/mucus.. I've also given up coffee for a few weeks and that hasn't helped... Last week the doc put me on steriods... that also hasn't seemed to helped... I've tried all the nasal sprays, special diets, etc... all the doctors I go to seem to be playing a guessing game.. no one knows anything.... this problem is ruining my life... does anyone think its possible to have extremely bad breath w/phlem, post nasal drip, and dark circles.. and all of this could be related to just the allergies and not acid reflux or something worse?? I also have severe chest pain... its like i'm constantly gasping for air.. none of the docs can figure anything out. .they just keep giving me more meds.. .i cannot continue taking meds as i think these are all making the symptoms worse..this is year round.. these symptoms are just getting worse and worse as the years progress... i went to the allergist again today.. this time they gave me more zantec which i will not take because it does not help and they also gave me dipropionate hfa inhalation aerosol... she said something abt this could cause oral thrush.. anyone know anything abt this???

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