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Dizzyness & Weird Ear Feeling For 3+ years!! HELP!! DESPERATE!! (Long)

  • Posted By: Limolady
  • January 20, 2009
  • 05:58 AM

After a million doctors & tests, my life is still miserable due to awful dizzyness http://img.webmd.com/community/images/pbpt.gif I have vertually turned into an agoriphobic....I can't take this dizzyness anymore....it has RUINED my LIFE!!!......does anyone have ANY ideas??

This all started about 3 years ago. I went to a dentist and got a bottom partial "fixed". That dentist put a fake tooth on top of a decayed 1/2 tooth (root) in my mouth. NOT a cap, he just added a fake tooth to the partial, and it sat on top of this decayed tooth. It felt odd & hurt, but he assured me that I was just not used to it. SO....the first week it hurt like h*ll, but I was determined to "get used to it". Then I got a cold, just thought it was a regular cold. It went away, but then 2 days later I got a really weird "bug", just felt like I had a flu. Then my right ear started hurting pretty bad, and I got super dizzy......the dizzyness was so bad that it turned into an anxiety attack (never had one before, thought I was having a heart attack) & I ended up at the hospitol, staggering in the ER. The ER doc said it was just an anxiety attack, but I kept insisting that my ear hurt so he finally prescribed an antibiotic. The antibiotic worked "okay", but I still had the dizzyness & weird feeling in my ear, so went to my regular doc who prescribed another round of antibiotics. Still the dizzyness.

I should also mention that I STOPPED wearing the partial 2 weeks after I got it.

That was over 3 years ago, and since then I've been to 3 ENT docs, another dentist who pulled the bad tooth, an eyedoctor, and have tried every herbal & dizzy med possible. The ENT's all had different diagnosises........one said I had a rare brain stem virus that there was no cure for, another said it was TMJ, the third wanted me to have a $600 test done that was going to make me MORE dizzy and I just can't GO THERE. My regular doc keeps telling me it's anxiety, and prescribes Ativan etc which I am scared to take, plus the times I did take it, it made me spacey. I am a single woman and HAVE to keep my mortgage & bills paid, so feeling spacey is NOT an option. Because of this dizzyness, I already had to quit one job......my second job thank God I can deal with the dizzyness, plus I started a home computer business.....if it wasn't for this, I would have lost everything I own becuase of this awful dizzyness!! Plus, I keep telling everyone that I FEEL something in my EAR.....anxiety is not going to cause this feeling!! The feeling is weird, it is not pain, and I wouldn't even call it pressure. It just is a constant feeling, like "something" is in my ear. Yet the ENT's who were all highly reccommended, insist that my ear is fine.

The dizzyness is more of a feeling like I am going to pass out (although I never have). It comes all of a sudden. I will be standing outside talking to the neighbor, or in a store checkout line, and all of a sudden feel like i am going to pass out. Or if I walk into a building with squares on the floor, immediately I feel dizzy. I can't excersize anymore, and just THINKING about going to the tanning salon makes me sick (both things that I previously LOVED to do). And I used to go to the mall alot.....now when I go, I have to focus on a sign or something just to walk down the corridor. I can't even go to the grocery store anymore!! I'm 50 years old, previously great health, now I just feel like a 90 year old. I'm afraid to leave my house!! http://img.webmd.com/community/images/crying.gif Antibiotics help for a short time.I've tried hot sauce, ginger, vicks vapo rub, halls cough drops......every other home remedy for dizziness, and the only thing that works even half way is 1-2 glasses of red wine....but I can't go through life drinking wine all day either!! I want a REAL solution!! Could the dental work have caused damage to a nerve or something? And would THAT cause the weird ear feeling? Or what else could it be? I have NO health insurance, and I'm doctored out....they all think I'm crazy or exaggerating......but I'm NOT. Something is wrong!!

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