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Constant ear pressure, constant dizziness, motion sickness. Please read, please.

  • Posted By: sinmarazul
  • April 27, 2010
  • 01:14 PM

I've been writing in I have no idea how many forums and it truly pains me to see how many mystery diagnoses we have in this country. I feel like what I have is not life threatening, yet I have no answers and I feel that I may never get any. I don't want to live the rest of my life feeling like this and I still have a long way to go since I'm 21 years old.

It all started one day in the afternoon, I was at work and I just started to feel nauseated and sick overall. I experienced severe motion sickness as I left work to go home. From that day on I continued to feel dizzy in the afternoon, almost always around the same time 2-5:30PM. I felt fine in the morning for a while and then all of a sudden I began to feel out of it, like I was walking on a boat, completely completely dizzy, nauseated, I didn't want to move around because I couldn't bear it. Then I would get a break from feeling severely dizzy ( I still felt dizzy just not as bad ) and then it would hit me all over again in the early afternoon. I think that's when the ear pressure began as well, I don't remember exactly when it started, but now it's a constant thing. Sometimes I get super sleepy, like I just have pressure behind my eyes, my neck, my shoulders even and I need to sleep. I experience memory problems, I feel lost and slow like I can't function how I used to function. I'm no longer quick on my feet how I used to be. I've had IAC/BRAIN MRI, VNG, blood work, audiogram, tympanogram, pretty much everything that I find to be of significance. Some days are worse than others in terms of intensity of symptoms, but the dizziness is constantly there and I can hardly stand it anymore. I've been like this for 6 months now and I'm going insane, I just cannot handle this anymore. I can't enjoy ANYTHING because this is impairing my life in a way that is unimaginable. I feel that it gets worse before and after my period. A neurologist diagnosed me with migraine associated vertigo and prescribed topamax which made everything worse. I don't know what else to do. Does anyone on here have any insight? Please. :(

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