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middle ear feels full/plugged - unable to pop

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  • Posted By: lemdog
  • October 2, 2012
  • 11:59 PM

hi all,

i feel like i have a middle ear infection as i have pressure/fullness in my right ear along with at times, tenderness in my jaw joint right below my right ear.

it feels like it wont clear or pop. and definately feels like its a bit full on the inside. sometimes i will get a ringing (tinnitus) in said ear and when i go to burp or yawn, i can feel the pressure in the back of my throat but more so feel the pressure go up into my right ear.

i do get the swollen feeling under my jaw on the right side below my ear almost like the lymph node is in over drive because of an infection.

i have no pain but every now and then that itchy "sore throat' feeling at the back of my throat on the right side, almost like the feeling of a sore throat coming on.

i dont have vertigo, (not that ive noticed yet), but only a few symptoms that point to middle ear infection.

most mornings i wake up and barely notice it at all. but sometimes throughout the day, it builds a bit, probably from the more swallowing motions i do. (drinking/eating/talking)

i do think i know how this happened. just over a month ago i did a bungee jump over water and did get dunked (it was a fun first experience) but my head took quite the blast of water when i hit the water and after i got un-tied and back on land, my head was FULL of water as were my ears.

my head felt full the WHOLE day of water in my sinuses/ears.

since then its been built up to the past couple of weeks where it has stayed the same every day.

as i said, im not in any pain, its just annoying.

i do feel the mucousy feeling in the back of my throat on the right side, like when i swallow, it wont go down.

my next plan is to hit up the walk-in clinic to see if i can get some anti-biotics.

i am a licensed scuba diver and i have swam all my life and i know all about equalizing the pressure in your ears, but when i try different methods, it seems i can get my left ear to pop/clear but the right just feels like pressure going against the ear drum when i gently force air up my Eustacian tubes.

from what i have described, does this sound like a middle ear issue?

thanks for reading

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