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Left ear pain/infection now right ear buzz???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 21, 2007
  • 10:03 PM

Hi, I am new here and posted in a couple of other threads, however decided it its likely better to be more definitive of my condition. For the sake of simplicity, I will do it in point form. (first I should preface this by saying that I have had ear aches and discharges and operations since I was a child. 3 Mastoidectomies on the Right side and 4 Mastoidectomies on the Left......the last being in 1983 which was "Reconstructive on the Left side b/c an infection was imbedding itself in the Bone that was too close to the brain and so Reconstructive surgery was performed. I was off work for 4 months)

1. I awoke one morning this past June with severe ear pain in my left ear, no cold, allergies, sneezing, coughing etc. ; simply sudden ear pain.

2. My family GP closed her practice of 25 years and so I had to go to a walk-in clinic, the first 2 clinics said there was nothing wrong with my left ear. I phoned around and found the clinic where my doctor is doing "locum" fill-in work for doctors who are absent.
It is the erosion of our health care system here in Canada, where GP's are giving up their family practices and patients are forced to go to a walk in clinic where you see any doctor that is available and no file is kept on your treatment or condition at the time of your visit. In other words...low overhead for the GP and it is a mega problem for a patient to find family doctors that are taking on new patients.
I searched for my past GP of 25 years and found her, and was able to see her (3rd) doctor...after the prior 2 said there was nothing wrong with the ear and she immediately saw that I had a severe ear infection and put me on drops and said that if I did not notice any immediate relief in a day to go to emergency at a hospital where there should be an ENT on duty. As there is a 2 year waiting list to see virtually all medical Specialists.

3. The ear drops did not work so I went to emergency after 2 days of using them as my ear pain continued to be severe.
The emergency room, fast tracking dr. saw the infection and sent me to the ENT dr.
I was examined by him (otoscope) and as well a Sinus specialist who was concerned about swelling aroung the nose and cheek area.
The ENT doctor said that he did not really see anything of concern ???? with the ear and said that I should have the Sinus specialist examine me.
I did and he put me on Saline nasal rinses 3X daily and I had to see him weekly for a month. ( I should say before I left the hospital on my first visit to emergency, the intake doctor was very good...he said he disagreed witht he ENT specialist as he saw the infection and did not know what the specialist looked at and he however was giving me a 2 week prescription for amoxycillin, the ear seemed to feel better but after the finish of the medication it started again and I told the ENT specialist whom I continued to see at the hospital ( he said there was no need for more amoxicyllin), and then sent me to the audiologist who found me to be intolerable of any sound and said she would discuss it with the ENT.
He said that it likely was b/c of a possible infection that he may have not seen and there was none present now (remember he said that before)...I found his specialty is "cochlear implants". The intern who saw me before the ENT on this visit used an otoscope and he said that he saw an area within a cavity that concerned him however the ENT said that it was nothing when he examined me right after the intern.
I was then sent to a Respirologist within the hospital for x-rays, and consultation.
Then was sent for a 3 dimensional full body bone scan which was negative as was my lung x-ray from the Respirologist.

I kept complaining of the ear pain to the ENT and continued with the sinus rinses but nothing changed with my ear pain and the ENT would not give me any suggestions of what would help. He said that it should eventually go away..........OW...has he ever had an ear ache. By this time it was now August. ( 3 full months of an ear ache and sensitivity to sound in the left ear....UnBearable life style)
( I should say as well that there was no discharge after use of the rinses in spite of my diligent use.)

4. The last visit that I had with the Sinus specialist I continued to complain about my ear pain not changing and this was September. I had been given tylenol 3 which basically did nothing. I again saw the ENT complaining of the Ear Pain and the sound of water in the same paining Left ear as well as now noticing a clear fluid discharge when I sit in the evening and try to watch the News.
The family is at its wits end as we Lip Read everything on TV virtually as the volume is at 2 as I am intolerable of sound with the ear pain in my Left ear.
5. It is now November and on October 16th I developed a Buzzing in my Right ear... and the ongoing pain in my Left ear.
The ENT said it was tinnitus and that it would likely go away and was b/c of the pain in my left ear....which is still not diagnosed.
6. I can't sleep a full night due to the pain and buzzing, I am using Watkins mentholatum on my glands behind my ear and under the front of my lower jaw glands as they are swollen and sore???? I also have tried "Olbas" ...health food store ointment on these glands.
A temporary relief measure to get to sleep.
I even have used the hot water bottle and then alternated with the cold freezer packs wrapped in a towel.
All with the support of the ENT specialist who has no answers.
7. My latest appointment was with the Audiologist at the hospital, my second appointment.
My first test was done back in August. The test results this time showed that the results were virtually the same, however that I have a distinct intolerance for sound at any tone????
The audiologist suggested that I get a cervical x-ray done in the event that it is nerve related.
I had that done last Thursday, the same day that I saw the audiologist.
Those results as well as her hearing test results are to be forwarded to another ENT for a 2nd opinion....a fresh look at both my Right..now buzzing ear and my Left ear aching since June.
My back in October about the same time the Right ear started buzzing, gave me Valtrex wondering if I had a Shingles, herpes virus in my ear... I have been on 3000mg (1000mg 3 X daily)...but no change...I don't know if the start of the Buzzing with the Valtrex medication was a coincidence, but stopping it has not stopped the buzzing???

I am in pure Misery. I have read the other threads re a Chiropractor as I did mention to the ENT that intermittently I have noticed when I turn my head in different directions which I do so gingerly, that the buzzing will stop.
I hope that the cervical x-ray and my audiology results that this new ENT will look at will get me on the road to recovery.
Earache pain is Not fun and with No Answers makes it worse.
I found a copy of a cervical spine x-ray taken in 1998 which I plan to take to the ENT that is going to give a second opinion.
That X-ray said.....questionable narrowing of the 5-6 and 6-7 disc but no cervical abnormality detected.
"Incidentally the upper jaw is edentulous and the mastoid air cells are extremely small and there is a five degree levoconvex scoliosis of the upper dorsal spine."?????
I don't know what this means....but I plan to ask the new ENT to compare the new results with it.
All I want is to get rid of this Left Earach and Right Ear buzzing...June, July, August, September, October, November ...SIX months of a Left ear ache and October, November with a Right Ear buzzing.....Life is simply unbearable........waking hours are misery, sleeping hours are misery...can't get to sleep without trying mentholatum or hot water bottle and then awaken to Buzzing????

I am hoping that someone may have comments regarding some of the above and even chiropractic comments as I am nervous of chiropractors working on the neck and wonder if there is a special "named" method that the chiropractor has to be experienced in.

I thankyou for your time and look forward to comments. I am going to try to rest now.

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