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I made it stop... by accident.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 24, 2011
  • 04:00 AM

I am 56 years old and have never had this tingling sensation you speak of... until the past few months. It was exactly as everyone describes... small blade of grass being inserted to tickle my ear... an insect crawling around in my ear... hairs growing to long and tickling the canal wall.. Sometimes it is near the outer edge of the canal and then it crawls down deep into my ear -- very bad feeling since you can't stop it. It's like an electrical (nerve) misfiring or shorting out as it moves around under my skin. I plucked every hair out... but it didn't stop... I used a wax softener and then flushed my ear... didn't help... It's not my jaw or gap in my teeth (like one posting) because my problem is on the opposite side from the gap... it's not the C-PAP breathing machine I use at night because I have used it for years with no problem. A few months ago, I started seeing a weight loss doctor and started taking some meds to help with cravings. That's when the tingling started. I didn't make the connection, but over the Christmas holiday's my appointment to go back got delayed... and then I forgot it and didn't reschedule. I wound up getting off of the meds (because I ran out) for about 4 weeks. During most of that time, I noticed the tingling stopped -- completely, zip, zilch, nadda tingla. Then, after putting back on 7 pounds, I decided to go back. I've been back on the meds for 2 days and there's that bug again crawling down into my head. For those of you who are not on meds, perhaps you are eating or drinking something that creates some of the same symptoms and you are sensitive to it. Some experimentation with eliminating certain items might be helpful. I do not know what these meds do (technically) but I am now going to do some research on my own and talk to my doctor next time I see him. For your reference and research, the medications I am taking are: phentermine 20mg, hydroxytryptophan 10mg, and carbidopa 5 mg. I hope this is helpful.

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