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  • November 11, 2006
  • 05:57 PM

Hello ,

I've have been having health issues every since June '06.
I was out training OTR my eating habits changed i would eat what i could when i colud. Mostly junk food a lot of carbs,and hardly any veggies. I was a smoker a pack every 3 days,and a heavy drinker. Since i was over the road being trained my drinking had to cease. I've been sober and smokless 3 mo. While being trained; i was concern about the unexplained weight loss, i had problems with my vision one day, my sight became blurrie, and my eyes would tear real bad with some burning. I brushed it off as my sinus being ugly, and took otc meds for sinuses. With one more day to go before being upgraded to a first seat;i became really ill. I had a physical just weeks before and was fine. One day while driving i would get nervous and anxious; with racing heart beat whenever i would elevate.mind you i 've been up and down mountains while in training. Amy nerves go south when elevate on a 100 ft bridge. So i go to the er concern about uexplained weight loss and they do x-ray for a TB test which was neg. And they say i may be malnurished and dehydrated. so i go and see another doc and he dose a check- up ask me some ?'s, does a bs test and say's i my be a prediabetic. and yells me to change my diet less refined foods. sends me home to return days later to do an ogtt, which i had to fast. i don't remember the first bs # but my ogtt was 214 first hr. and 208 the second ther was confusion the nurse didn't know which solution to give me , i was smoking before the ogtt and nervous an anxious to find out what my ailment is. so because of the 208 reading he says i'm diabetic. The Doctor had blood work done: the day of the ogtt
Wbc - 6.0
Rbc - 5.44
Hemoglobin - 16.6
Hematocrit - 48.9
Mcv - 86
Mch - 30.5
McHc 35.3
Rdw - 13.0
Platelets - 281
Neutrophils absolute - 3.5
lymphs absolute - 2.2
monocytes absolute - 0.2
eos absolute - 0.1
baso absolute - 0.0
Comp. Metobolic Panel
A1c - 5.6
Glucose, serum - 83
Bun - 11
creatinine serum, - 1.1
Bun/ Creatinine ratio - 10
Sodium serum - 139
Potassium serum, - 4.5
Chloride serum, - 100
Carbon dioxide, total - 26
Calcium, serum 9.5
Protein total serum - 7.4
Albumin serum, - 4.7
Globulin, total - 2.7
A/G ratio 1.7
Bilirubin, total 0.4
Alkaline Phosphatase, serum - 76
Ast (sgot) - 14
Alt (sgpt) - 16
Lipid Panel
Cholesterol, Total - 102
triglycerides - 78
Hdl - 47
vldl Cholesterol cal - 16
ldl cholesterol calc -39
TSH - 0.441
I went to another doctor and told him i was diabetic and about the unexplained weight loss and nerves and anxiety. so he ask about my bs control he looks at my bs avgs and and schedules a hiv/aids test and other labs for liver or kidney function and i show him my labs from the first doc and he says the look ok but he wanted to do his own i never seen the results forgot to ask for them but every thing was good he says. he did a comp TSH and A1c was 5.4 and my last check up he says he don't think i have diabetes probably pre and my last A1c was 5.1
But i still have the anxiety, nervousness and i changed my diet with fewer carbs i was over weight before 6' 1" 214 now 183 i have a tooth cavity that need a root canal and sinusitis and they were the only ill's i had before my condition now i guess i should try to find an endo. i also have a rash on the back of my neck and shoulder and stomach about were the pancreas is.

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