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5 doctors 2 yrs later

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  • Posted By: Mom2Susan
  • August 23, 2008
  • 01:32 AM

I have a 10 yr old daughter who weighs 52lbs, is 4'5inches. For the last 2 yrs she has been blacking out, becoming pale, clamy, seeing spots, dizzy, complains of stomach ache, headache, and feeling bad.

When it first happened she was at school sitting in her desk. She told her teacher she didn't feel well. By the time the teacher got to her she was on the floor. When they got her to the office she was comming back around and seeing spots. They gave her Orange Juice, when I got there we went to the hospital. The doctor there said it was Vas Vergo (sp). I took her to her ped and she did lab work on her and it was normal. Well, we left that ped over some disagreements.

Our next ped did some lab work on her after she had an episode at school again, they treated her the same. Her fasting was 103mg/dl. Which was on the high side. So, he referred her to an Ped Endo. We had to wait over 6 months to get in there with her. We left him after he told us not to treat her episode to get her to the hospital which was 30 mins away. When I asked him what could happen, his reply was well if she is hypoglycemic she could go in to shock, coma, parilzed(sp), etc.

Our next doctor was a intern. Everything was fine until my daughter woke up one morning with a fasting sugar of 167mg/dl. She called in Metformin 500mg once a day. We did that with wonderful results until it came to refill it. She refused to. Told me that I needed to chill out that it was the summer and that it would be ok if she had an episode and that I was to up tight.

Finally we went to the Endo. She happened to be friends with the inter:eek:.
She had her mind made up before we walked in on what was wrong with my daughter. Would not look at the lab results, the montiorning that I had been doing at home nothing. Her reply was that my daughter either had one of the three things wrong, 1. Heart defect, 2. seizures, 3. faking it all.

So that leaves us with our current doctor. So far he has been helpful. He has ran 2, 4 hour glucose test on her. One with insulin, her insulin is very high, as her glucose runs a little above normal. He has gotten us an appointment with Childrens Hospital In New Orleans. He has a buddy there who is interested in my daughter.

We did Trial Net. She tested negative for any antibodies.

Over the last couple of weeks her sugar has been running at fasting 80-150mg/dl. And 2 hours after meals 155-264mg/dl.
She isn't spilling Ketones, nor does she feel bad. Within the last month she has been having accidents in the bed at night. What could this be. And should I be worried.

High blood sugar
High insulin
constant drinking water
constant bathroom
accidents in the bed
no weight gain
vision got worse

I am at a loss her any help would be greatly apperciated.

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