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Symptoms, please help...

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  • Posted By: Kimberly83
  • April 24, 2007
  • 04:53 PM

Hi everyone. My name is Kimberly, I am 23. I am really scared, I've been having some symptoms and my doctor found some anal fissures and hemmoroids, and also took some stool from my rectum and tested it and found it negative for blood (this still doesn't convince me, because I've heard it's more accurate to do this test with stools when you actually go to the bathroom, but to be safe, I am still scheduled for a colonoscopy May 10th. Here is what is going on, tell what you think. On and off since I was about 16, I have had blood in my stools at times, sometimes just on the toilet paper and at other times seeming to "coat" the stool in a bright red...it comes and goes, yearly or sometimes every few months. Most recently a week or so ago, I noticed a red clump like a piece of something, on the toilet paper and a red coating on the tip of the stool. Also, what looked like a ball of white mucus. I just chalked it up hemorroids or other problems in the past, but I had spoken to my doctor a few times about it, and she has consistently checked me for anemia problems, as well as kidney and liver problems, and has found nothing. last time for liver problems was about 10 months ago, anemia 2. I went to a GI doctor who set up a colonscopy in December, but I had a bad cold that day and didn't want to take the chance of going. As far as other symptoms I notice that concern me about it being colon cancer are that I have trouble straning at times, and lately my stools seem soft and flat and narrow. My side hurts when I strain, and I sometimes have rectal pain. I don't have any stomach pain really, but some symptoms I do have that concern me are in addition to the flat stools, (from reading symptoms online) are that I am frequently gassy and sometimes after I have gone to have a bowel movement, I still feel like I need to go and sometimes only a little bit of stool comes out. It has me really scared. I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself if it is colon cancer, I'd be feeling much worse by now if I'd had it all these years, but that may not be true. I don't have any nausea, am not losing weight, and as I said, am not anemic. I get diarrehia and lose stools occasionally, but not too frequently. My doctor who I saw in December told me she believes it may be anal fissures. Looking up symptoms, I also suspect it could be possible inflammatory bowel disease..I'm going to reschedule the colonscopy, which has me scared as well, I know I should do it to find out exactly what is going on, but the thought of it scares me because its been so long since I've had anything done where I needed to be put to sleep. So if others could share their colonoscopy stories I may also feel better. Also, both of my parents had polyps, my mom is 53, my dad 59, and my mom was pretty young, not much older than I am, when they found she had some. Another reason my doctor wants to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Also, due to this, I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself I am still too young, but looking online and reading the stories, that doesn't seem to be the case either...any support, guidance, or ideas about what could be going on would be appreciated...I also have a chromosome disorder called Turner Syndrome which makes Inflammatory Bowel diseases and Colon cancer more likely...since my appointment last week, my doctor put me on a laxative to keep my stools soft, but it just seemed to make them even more watery and soft and loose, almost like diarrehia. Also I've been noticing food particles in my stool, plus I've had two colds with a cough lately, and have been on a lot of cold medicine, my lack of resistance is also worrying me. Sometimes I get a mild pain in my right side of my chest making me worried that this is colon cancer that has spread to my lungs. Also, since around the time I've gotten this cold, I've noticed a little less apetite, and that I may be losing a little weight. Any insight into what could be causing this mess would be helpful, lol :D

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