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can colonoscopy cause diverticulitis

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  • February 24, 2007
  • 01:37 AM

I had a routine colonoscopy a year ago. They told me everything looked pretty good. I did have a hiatal hernia and some diverticulosis and NO polyps. After I woke up I felt a hard area above/under my navel. I asked and they said it was gas from the scope and it will go away. A few days later I felt tons of bubbling and started to bloat up. This would get worse after being on my feet most of the day....mainly towards the end of the day. I called my family doctor and he said everything looked fine on the colonoscopy and he didnt think it was anything to be concerned about. After a few days of this I started having diareaha. I once again called the doctor and they had me come in. All he did was push on my stomach and gave me some vicodine. A few more days went by and by this time the vicodine was making me constipated. I felt bubbling and lots of painful bloating which sent me to the er. It actually felt as though I had a bowling ball in my gut and for some reason, my female parts hurt. I made it through the weekend by laying around, drinking lots of fluids and not eating much. Monday I called the doctor again because I couldnt even make it through work. This was awful. I missed so much work. Finally I talked him into doing an H-pylori test and a stool check. After that he put me on Naproxin for the pain I was feeling all around my ribcage area and under my navel. This was not helping me. I called him back and he got angry with me. He told me I was stressing. Actually I was crying because I was so fed up with feeling so dang weak. This went on for a few months and finally I went to the obgyn to make sure it wasnt female related. I couldnt hardly have a normal bowel movement and also was starting to have a hard time urinating and it was very concentrated when I did go, even though I was drinking tons of water. My uterus felt huge to me. She found that I had bacterial vaginosis! She treated me with metrodiazinol for 7 days. I felt somewhat better but not quite myself. Bloodwork showed high white cells. I just wasnt feeling any better and all I wanted to do was sleep. Two more trips to the ER. They gave me a pain shot, a pelvic exam and sent me home. I missed my whole summer and didnt get to swim once in my new pool. I went back to the doc and he yelled at me and told me to take these samples he gave me for two weeks. I asked him what they were and he said it was for pain. I got home and realized it was Cymbalta, an anti depressant. I looked this up on the net and found that it is also used for some pains. I didnt take it...I was furious. I found a new doctor and he did bloodwork and my white cell count was climbing. He ordered a ct scan and low and behold, I have diverticulitis!!!! I felt like I was dying. I never had intestinal problems before that colonoscopy!!!! I was put on Metrodiazanol and leviquin at the same time for about a month. Also was told no seeds, nuts, tomatos or anything that would get stuck. I finished all the meds and he took more blood. White cell count still high but not quite as high. That weekend I broke out in a red rash under my breasts that sent me to Urgent Care. She told me it was from all the anti biotics I had taken. A yeast infection but I did not have that in the female region. She gave me some cream. By monday I felt like I had shingles or something going straight through my chest to my back and my whole back was locking up and also my neck. My new doc ordered another ct scan and there was still some inflamation. He sent me back to the gi doc who did the colonoscopy. This guy seemed nervous to me. He offered to put me on meds used for treating e-coli, (forgot the name). I took these for two weeks. When I followed up, he asked me if I wanted more! He had a gastric emptying done on me and he said mine was very slow. He wants to put me on a low residue diet. I tried this for 3 days until I became very constipated from not eating veggies or fruit. I was also sent to oncologist for tests pertaining to the high white cell counts. He ordered bloodwork, bone scan and bone marrow biopsy. Finally the high white count was dropping and the bone marrow and bone scan came out fine. Here I am a year later and Im still having problems and I cant get any help. Did he injure me during that colonoscopy??? Did I get bacteria from this procedure?? I will never know but I am miserable. I dont feel the same anymore. I am very depressed and I always feel sorta weak. I have lost 25 lbs and am trying to lose some more so they cant blame things on my weight or diet. My question is this.....could I have gotten this from the colonoscopy and did it cause this diverticulitis? And why does it feel like gas is escaping my intestines and getting into my system. ( I no longer pass any gas) I feel like I have a leak. Where do I go from here and how do I live again. I thought colonoscopies were supposed to be a good thing, but Im a mess and now its affecting my marrage because I never want to go out anymore. I feel handi capped now. The worst thing is when Im in a sitting postion on the couch. Something feels not right and it feels like its being pinched or something so in order to get comfy, I have to prop myself back. The only relief I get is laying down. Please help me. I want to live normally again. Im missing so much in life now. I feel like I was failed my the medical field. And now they want to know if I am under stress....dah!!!!!

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