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Almost constant bowel movement and other strange symptoms.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 5, 2009
  • 04:36 AM

Hello, everyone. This is my first post in this forum, I've been reading it for a few hours searching for some thread about a condition similar to mine, but I thought it would be better if I just registered and made one about it...

...By the way, I'm not really sure if this thread does belong here, as I also think this might be related to some digestive problem or something else. Here it goes:

I'm an 18-year old guy. Pretty normal, never had any problems and I hadn't had any strong diseases in years. My eating habits have been bad since 2006, and it became a bit worse last year. for a couple of months, I've been having this frequent urge to urinate. It got annoying to the point I couldn't really go out for too long, otherwise I would end up running towards the nearest bathroom.

It took a turn for the worse when that urge mixed itself with bowel movements that weren't as constant as that one, but still were somewhat annoying. It is also worth mentioning that at this point I had lost a little weight, but nothing really alarming.

Most of the tests I did said I was okay (I was told to take care of my liver, though), however, it turns out that I had parasites, namely E.Histolytica and Giardia Lamblia, and started my treatment, respectively. It went well for a couple of months, but the urges continued. I've read many things about people who evacuate blood or mucosity, but I haven't experienced that except for the mucosity, and it only happened for two days. I also have had abdominal pains, although they have always been mild, and I've been full of gas, horrible gas.

I took a mild dependency on antidiarrheic medicine for a month or two, and right after that I stopped, and made a 10-day treatment of Flagyl, which stopped the urges for some time, although I still have them, the only notable difference being that I can control them now. I still have very mild abdominal pains, I'm still full of gas almost all the time, and every hour or so I have to urinate. I'm unable to go out and remain outside for too long, and if I do, I have to stop by a bathroom every now and then.

I went to the doctor, who suggested I should get a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and an abdominal ecography. I wanted to know if someone out there have had the symptoms I currently have, if I can get some sort of opinion on this whole thing and whatnot. The only thing on my mind right now is getting rid of this annoyance, or else it'll be ***l going to college and everything else, but I'm also doubtful and I'm also a bit scared of doctors and tests and all of that, even when I know it's for the better. ***l, I've also even thought this might be some sort of anxiety.

Sorry about the weird, long text. English isn't my first language, so I get a bit confused. And again, sorry if this thread isn't in the right subforum.

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