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Please help...unknown chest pain!

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  • Posted By: Pleasehelpshane
  • December 26, 2008
  • 09:21 PM

My name is Mandy and I have been dating my boyfriend "Shane" for a little over two years but have been friends before that. Just before we started dating, he was swimming in his pool one day and held his breath under water for a really long time. When he got out of the water a while later, he started to have really bad chest pain and nausea, etc. Whether this is connected to all of his symtoms he has now or whether it is just a coincidence...I don't know. Shane was 20 when that happend and is now 22 (23 in the spring). I has been a long two years that he has endured with excruciating pain! He has been healthy all of his life, however his family has a history of heart disease/heart attacks and diabetes. His symptoms include the following:

-Severe left side pain including jaw, arm, chest, testical, leg, and foot
-nausea (and feeling like vomiting)
-irregular heart beats (sometimes I think it's going to beat out of his
-Shortness of breath (has to yawn to breath)
-Weight loss
-Left hand turns blue/red
-Numbness/tingling in hands

There are some other symptoms as well. Sometimes his face and ears turns beet red and feels as if he running a fever.
He feels pain when laying aroung or after exercise of some sort (lifting stuff at work, intercourse, or running etc.)
He has lost a lot of sleep due to the severity of the pain and he wakes up in the morning with pain. The pain started out just being sometimes and more recently has gotten worse (about everyday). He has gone to the ER and they were completely unprofessional and treated him like he was a hypochondriac! He can take pain very well and does not complain. He has spent well over $1,000.00 out of his pocket (not including his insurance) to find out what is wrong. He has been to 2 different family doctors and two different cardiologists. The cardiologists did not find anything and the family doctors gave have tried diagnosing him with the following: anxiety and acid reflux. He has taken medication for both and did not do a thing.
He is a hunter so they thought lymes disease and was tested for that, but the test came back negative. I personally believe it could still be that and is maybe too far along to get a positive test. I just don't know what to think. He feels so hopeless and that doctors don't care. No doctors have given him any form of pain medication either. He has tried Aspirin (in case it would be his heart and to help with pain) but doesn't do much at all. He probably wouldn't want me to share this (because he didn't even want me to know), but I have seen him cry due to the amount of pain he is in. That was really ******n me...to see someone you love so much suffering from pain that bad. If anyone can help at all, we would greatly appreciate it! He feels as if he is dying and he just doesn't know what to do! No one, let alone a young 22 year old young man who has his whole life ahead of him should not have to feel like this! I just want him to feel like himself again and find a doctor or someone who cares enough to really help him or to at least give us another lead!

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