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I think this may be tb

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  • Posted By: combatfoo2000
  • January 25, 2009
  • 11:24 PM

I have been having several confusing symptoms for yrs now,I will try and straight to the point without confusing you.
Just now I have swollen lymph nodes behind my right ear and lower down on neck and at the base of my skull,I woke up this morning with a rash on my wrist above the site behind watch strap where I have had a lump for some time now noticed approx 2-3 months ,my watch wasnt on I never wear it to bed and have no rashes when I do.
I have been having probs with the nerves in my body for some time since june 08 after suffering a facial paralysis dx as belles palsy then refferred to neurology due to pain which should not have been present.
I have done MRI of cervical spine and brain which seems to be good so poss I dont have ms and am awaiting VER tests on eyes to follow poss for viral infection/inflammation usually non detectable and to check for past signs of same.
I Have recently had some trouble with white deposits/excretions in eyes,have trouble night driving as halos around headlights very bright and hurt and strain eyes. Have trouble with heat esp at work as AC non existant which causes some neurological symptoms with understanding language and numbers,tempor forgetfulness etc.
I have been dx with hypothyroidism,reactive hypoglceamia and kidney stones prior to all this.
Today's pattern followed awareness of pain and swelling in lymph nodes,dizziness,hunger,cold shivers,nausea and pain again into head face and eyeballs and fatigue in arms and legs with nerve pain into right arm,down side of back into kidneys and groin and right leg with tingling in my toes and down the left hand side of body into kidney around area of spleen into abdomen as well,neurologist has already mentioned sensory impairment we are looking for demyelination,I now suspect its something completely different either tb or something picked up abroad.
I often get weak and fatigued and get out of breath without being aware as I am more concerned re everything else going on.
My wife is being investigated as has a swollen lymph node in neck near jugular,node is now square and not getting smaller,had 2 months or so,has seen ent who took biopsy and cells from throat or mucus via nose,she overheard conv between ent doc and his colleague where doc was getting 2nd opinion and he came to conclusion she poss had tb.
My wife is asian in origin-fillipino,she was checked upon entry to uk and given chest xray and blood tests, all were all clear 5 and a half yrs ago.Been married about the same length of time now.Poss I could be primary infection as had severe chest infction dec 2001-jan2002 which wasnt treated I rode it out and coughed up blood ,sputum,mucous membrane.
In nov 2002-dec 2002 I had something similair after returning from the uae for ramadam,my then fiancee now wife joined me home in the uk on holiday,I then came home march 03 and she joined aug 03 we married in sep 03. Approx oct-nov 03 I started to suffer mental status changes noticed by colleagues at work,I had a constant drip from left armpit and lump under there,I tried to remedy it with a special deod that stopped sweat gland producing,seemed to work,the lump stayed for sev months then went,( by which time i forgot about it).
I have recently started getting buzzing sensations down neck into ear at night,and the nerve pains in my face and head rotate on a daily basis intermittently.I am aware of a heavy feeling in my chest and also in my back,right side and a sore throat .
My 4 yr old son recently has strep throat-tonsillitus,completed course yesterday.
Son was kept in hosp at birth for 10 days as developed chest infection.
I have had pneumonia as a baby approx 36 nearly 37 years ago then later had whooping cough.
A friend in the uae a neurologist thought it was poss I had an unresolved patch of pneomnia in a lung caused by swallowing muconium at birth.
Docs here keep dismissing this fact,I havent yet spoken to doc (gp) re theory of tb as wife only heard last week wednesday but I think as a family we are all suffering the same thing and passing back and forth and after 3 yrs investigating me we arent getting to the bottom of things due to the confusing myriad of symptoms I have suffered at diff times.
I must mention I have a rash on my back which is pink and patchy had it for 2 yrs now gp put it down to thyroiditis,gave me canesten which failed to clear it up also I have several tiny red spots on arm again had them for some time (right arm) have had phosphates and full blood count done all normal.
I think pains in abdomen and around spleen and kidneys are caused by swelling lymph nodes prob better described as being under ribcage,I do get short of breath and fatigued from time to time and once had syptoms of what seemed like rheumatoid arthristis due to joints feeling feverish and swollen,doc checked and nothing was swollen so that was discounted and consigned to the theory bin as being struck off the list.
I have had the buzzing sensation before which was while under these chest infections,I had a girlfriend several years ago whom I was split up from at the time who called to say she was in hosp with a contagious infection and I couldnt visit and she would call everyday reason I mention it is it could have came from there and lain dormant in me,she often lied though and made story's up so I now have no way of verifying that story,I think I can recall calling hospital though and asking to get through,its all a bit hazy to be honest as was a very difficult period in my life die to her.
From 1997 to now buzzing sensations started in neck and had probs with eyes particularly the colour red,things would often vibrate when I bobbed up and down and moved my head - more so with the eyes,occasionaly a spine tingling sensation while walking,but this all started then around 1997 after returning from cairo when the symptoms of amnesia and forgetting words first started.I have had intestinal flu while working abroad been sexually active at the same time,thankfully HIV tests turned out negative and last year had my gut/lower intestine checked also normal.
Any ideas or should I run with what I think.
Many thanks I did warn you.

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