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Odd pains, pressue, leg aches

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  • Posted By: boysangur
  • July 26, 2011
  • 00:59 AM

Hello, everyone,

I know this is a long and scary post but I am DESPERATE and I feel like I should tell the whole story for once, in hopes that someone could tell me what could be wrong with me. Please, bear with me as I explain.

Background of the condition:

Ever since I was little, I've had dull but very bothersome aches in my legs. I noticed that it would happen at the end of an active day that followed a day or two of inactivity. The pain would not appear if I was continuously active every day, but if I stayed in for a day and then had a physical day, my legs would start hurting that evening. The pain would not go away unless I kept my legs perfectly still for awhile (30 mins to an hour) and sometimes it would resume if I started moving a lot or it would go away completely. It would always go away over night though. My parents took me to a doc who ran a cardiogram (or that's what I think it was), checked me out and said that I was healthy.

As an adult:

These aches happened very rarely as I grew older and the pain was not as bad. However, I am 30 now and about 5 days ago I got a similar pain in my legs and it is not going away.

Why I am posting this here:

Several months ago, I developed a pain and pressure in my chest, like I could not take a full breath. I went to a doctor who did some tests, did an xray and said it was probably my stomach. He did an endoscopy and found helicobacter (sp?), gave me antibiotics and the pain went away but not the pressure. I went to another doc who told me that it was my pectoral muscles pressing down on my chest. While my pecs may be bigger than those of an average person, they are not huge by any means and I do not think that they would cause this so suddenly.

Nevertheless, I calmed down and decided to try and get used to it. Shortly after, I started getting dizzy, almost blacking out, at the gym and having extreme fatigue. Another doc had me do a stress test, an x ray and some scan of the heart with a color dye. Everything came back normal. Based on a series of blood tests, the doctor concluded that I was coming off some viral infection and a blood specialist agreed.

However, while the fatigue got better, I still had the pressure in my chest and some random aches in my head (temple area), my hands and my feet. The pain would be like being pricked with a needle for a few seconds and would vanish without a trace. I had an RMI done because of the headaches and the pressure and the docs said that I had sinuses.


Several days ago my legs started to hurt like they did when I was a kid. I still have the pressure in my head and an occasional prickly ache but the legs continue to hurt for 5 days now. Sometimes, they hurt less but other times it is hard to walk and going up a flight of stairs is a challenge (I'm 30!). Today, it is rainy and they seem to hurt more, which makes me think that this is something vascular related. Also, they seemed to hurt less after I ate today but I could be mistaken about this. It could just be because I walked for awhile to eat and got my blood flowing or something.

The only reason why I am not going to the hospital, besides the monetary factor, is because I keep telling myself that it could just be just a strain or something. Several days ago, as I was doing squats, my knee started to hurt bad enough for me to call it a day. On top of that, I feel like I pulled my back as it is painful to turn left. Also, my legs do seem to hurt around my knees. Still, I feel like the pain is different from a pull or a strain. It feels very deep and radiating around, even as I am sitting or laying down. I have not trained my legs this week and I have tried to take it easy but it just does not go away. I am getting very worried and think that I might have something serioiusly wrong with my blood vessels or blood or something.

I've also been having extreme fatigue again but I suspect that it was the Calcium/Vitamin D supplement that I started taking as the fatigue got much better when I missed a dose, so I moved that supplement to an hour before bedtime. Also, just about a week ago, I started taking Gingko Biloba, which has a blood thinning effect so maybe that has something to do with it. Also, I recently started taking Centrum Silver, Fish Oil, and Probiotics supplement, with an occasional Zinc, in hopes of boosting my immune system and feeling better overall, which I don't.

Please, someone help, if you know what this could be.
Thank you very much for your time.

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