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Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Posted By: dontknowhat
  • March 29, 2012
  • 04:58 PM

first off i would like to offer all of my condolences to everyone here. I recently have been having some serious health problems and been to the er 4 times with no resolution. The only thing i have received is what I like to call cop-out diagnoses. All of the tests that have been performed on me via blood has all came back negative and several repeated tests, especially ones to see if I am on drugs. Which I am not, as I do not do drugs or alcohol, this is very frustrating as I have to keep paying for these tests even when I tell them I have already had the same tests performed and they were negative, which they then find they are actually negative. K aside from that frustration, I end up in er the 4th time after first time within 2 weeks displaying tia or mini stroke symptoms(ex. decreased consciousness, severe headache, nausea, uncontrollable tremors, inability to speak, slurred speech when able to speak, intermittent 176/120 something, jaw pain, labored breathing, ect. : diagnosed as anxiety, the 3rd visit I was displaying chest pains and heart attack like symptoms: diagnosed as heart palpitations, 2nd visit severe acid reflux, no bowel movements, lack of appetite, and inability to eat more that a few bites of food at a time, nausea: diagnosed with plump dunadem? and inflammation of upper portion of small intestine, 1st visit to er for sever abdominal pain lower left (i thought my left ovary was rupturing) I was given hydros, morphine, and antibiotic injection: diagnosed with PID, however found out all results were negative for that after they came back. Please note I described er visits from last to first. Since last visit and between first I will note I have been running a low grade fever and it was found in tests that I have a fluctuating high to above normal white blood cell count. Other stuff that is happening is that I am intermittently seeming to have decreased blood flow in various parts of my body. This is very painful yet, even though I notified dr.s that I thought I may have a traveling blood clot they refuse to believe this and do proper tests to see. They say if that was they case I would be dead and it would be impossible for me to occasionally feel a clot of any size in my body? I will note that I have also had severe leg cramping at times and also sensations that feel like I got stung by a bee. Not a little bee sting but a whopper of one yet I see no bite and they are not out yet anyways. I will also note that I have called 911 twice too during this time, the first for chest pains a few hrs after my severe chest pounding er visit, which by the time the emts arrived my blood pressure was within normal range, the second time i called was a couple days later after a bee stinging like painful episode in my foot. I grabbed my ankle and in my foot was a 1cm (maybe smaller as area was puffed up around the vein) painful lump in a vein in my foot near the surface. The EMT arrived and told me that although the lump was hard (painful when poked) there was no way it could be a blood clot because they don't go in your feet? He also said that it is impossible to feel a blood clot? I have also been continuing headaches and random heart palps like feels like my heart jumps and gets out of rhythm. I also have random moments of slurred speech still that can last a couple hrs. Is it possible to have a small blood clots or a larger dvt that possibly broke up into a couple small pieces causing me these troubles. I obviously am not dead yet but sometimes I feel like I might die? Crazy I know? But dr.s are not helping me and I am afraid to go back to er now, as they are starting to treat me like i am a crazy pain in their neck. I asked them if I could be having a tia they say no, I ask them if provera could have caused a clot they say no to that too. They did do a no contrast ct scan on my head the night I went in with the decreased consciousness symptoms but it showed nothing but a possible anachroid cyst, which was 1cm that they didn't even tell me that they found I found it in notes along with my ct scan after requesting a copy. But they determined that this possible cyst could not be the cause of my problems. I would also like to note that by the time I made it to ct after taking all their stupid drug screens I started to regain consciousness. If I do have a traveling clot I believe it must be small enough that its obviously not killing me just causing several complications along its way through my cardiovascular system. It wont stay in one place long enough to get a scan of it half the time and all i am doing is ******* people off at me and people are starting to think I am nuts, but honestly people treating me this way is going to give me anxiety and make me nuts. please help?

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