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14 year old w/chest pains & more..any advice???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2011
  • 07:49 AM

My son is 14. His medical issues are: as soon as he was born he had bowel issues, chronic constipation. He still does to this day! Nothing ever worked on him, not laxatives, not fiber, not miralax NOTHING. He has never had a loose stool in his life! Dr said he had never in his career had a patient where nothing worked and there was nothing else he could do just to let my son take stool softeners. No other issues until the age of 8, he starting having backache in his mid-lower back and after a couple months he also started having joint pains. Had bone scane done, was normal, dr said happens to many kids it is normal and sent us home. At 11 he started having dizzy spells upon going from sitting or laying to standinig to the point he would pass out. Dr said normal for pre-teens no big deal. My son has these episodes several times a day everyday since he was 11!! he falls into things all of the time but since all the drs said it was normal my son just delt with them as best he could. He then started being EXTREMELY fatigued 24/7 and moody and again, we were told it was normal teen stuff. 4 months ago with the dizziness he started having tingling in both of his hands! Dr said again, nothing to worry about. 2 months ago at 3:30am my son woke me with stabbing chest pains and irregular heart beats. I could feel his heart was beating abnormal, he was dizzy, and after the stabbing pain wore off he felt like his heart was cramping and felt EXHASUTED. Dr next day, did EKG which was normal and did blood work, sent us to pediatric cardiologist. 3 days later at cardiologist, had ultrasound done of his heart and dr said it was fine. Had another EKG and it was fine. Dr said for my son to eat tons of salt to help raise his blood pressure and would help with his dizziness. Said he was not sure what was wrong but it was most likely some electrical issue with his heart and based on what my son said happened it was SVT or VT. He did not care to hear previous problems or act concerned at all. He stated my son should continue playing high school football and not let this affect his life. Gave us an event monitor in which my son wore for 2 weeks and had 3 episodes he recorded. He also neglected to tell me at the time he had these episodes, he misunderstood and thought he was to only tell me right before I mailed it back so by the time I knew he had recordings and called in the lady said the study was over with and I would have to call the dr tomorrow and let them know what happened but the dr would still get the 3 event recordings within 72 hours. I got a call yesterday from GP my sons liver functioning test came back abnormal, his results were elevated. There was 2 things elevated ALT or something, I cannot remember exactly.Gp said maybe he was taking medicine or something wants to recheck in 2 months, my son was not taking anything at all! I am still letting my son play football based on the dr saying he can but cannot even begin to put into words the stress and worry I am feeling. I am scared to death he is going to fall over on the field. My son said when it happens he gets scared too and part of him wants to stop playing too but then does not want to quit unless the drs tell him too. I want to pull him out but don't want to without the dr telling me he cannot play, my son LOVES football. 2 days ago he had an episode while practicing and had to stop and sit out. He had stabbing pain in his chest with irregular beats then crampiness and was extremely dizzy, like everytime only he said dizziness was way more severe this time and just different. I cannot help but think all of these issues he has are connected or at least some are?? I am trying to put 100% confidence in the drs and letting my son play football but as a mom I am worried sick KNOWING there is something wrong with his heart and he is playing football!!! Anyone have any suggestions or had same experience?? I have researched online but only seem to get worked up over all the possible things it COULD be and have no more ideas than I started with. He lives with chronic joint pain, dizziness and passing out, always tired, constipation, and now this!! I want to help him but I don't know where to turn to next.

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