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Terminal Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis

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  • Posted By: Kckickboxer
  • August 3, 2011
  • 00:04 AM

To start off I have to say te past year and a half have been a nightmare for me. I went through a traumatic divorce because y ex-husband was horribly abusive. I moved out on my own in a new city with no job and virtually no friends. I went from one psychotic roommate to the next. I finally met a nice man and started a new relationship up with him, and since, he has been one if the only good things going for me. Anyhow, I went in to a local clinic in my city for an annual exam that included a breast exam and pap smear to get on a new birth control. Two weeks later, I got a call from the nurse telling me, over the phone, that I had an abnormal pap smear and I needed a follow up exam. Now I'm fairly young, 25 years old. I figured it was n anomaly and put it off for two months. I went back in April for my follow up exam, which also came back abnormal. This time, still over the phone, the same nurse told me it came back abnormal with lesions that were cancerous. I was angry for two reasons: she couldn't tell me any more than I had abnormal cell growth on my cervix and that there were lesions that were not associated to any STD, also that she Told me all this over the phone. She told me that I would need an immediate colposcopy, and said it would cost me $500 at their associated hospital. I was outraged. My job also got wind of this and fired me. So, I had no income, terrible insurance that wouldnt cover anything, and terrible unsupportive friends that for the most part accused me of lying because someone my age just doesn't get cancer. So, one month later, after putting off the first Of three colposocpies, I go see a doctor at a very reputable hospital. I wait two weeks, and again, on the phone, the doctors nurse tells me that I have cancer. But this time is the worst blow, she tells me that she's sorry to have to tell me but my cancer has spread and it's terminal stage III cervical cancer. I was devastated. She recommend I come in to see the doctor immediately for a treatment plan. I went home and cried for months thinking my life was over before 30. After talking to my family, I went to see another doctor for a second opinion. I drove 45 minutes to see another gyno-oncologist for a colposcopy/biopsy. She did a biopsy of the cells on my cervix and in my uterus as well. Two weeks later I went back into her office for her to tell me that the cervical resuts came back inconclusive and the uteran cells back back abnormal but non-malignant. She did a second biopsy on my cervix, and two weeks later I went back in to find out that the abnormal cell growth and lesions were non-malignant. I'm ecstatic and angry all at the same time. Most of my friends abandoned me during this time and I had no support at all except for my family who all live thousands of miles away. No one would go with me to my doctor visits and now shun me because they think I lied about the cancer that never was. I spent almost 8 months thinking I was sick when I wasn't. I feel like I've lost part of myself to all of this. please tell me, am I alone? Has anyone else been misdiagnosed like this? What could have gone so horribly wrong with the first colposcopy to make the first doctor think I had stage 3 terminal cancer when I didn't? Does this happen often?

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