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Problems With Lymph Nodes in Neck

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  • Posted By: jrideout
  • November 19, 2007
  • 06:51 PM

Hi, i'm a relatively healthy 19 year old male. I recently had contracted the strep throat infection which lasted about a week. After the second day of having the infection, I had gone to see my doctor and had recieved 5 days worth of "strong" antibiotic. 5 days later, I'm feeling great: the strep throat had evidently disappeared, and everything was fine.

A couple days later I start to notice a few of my lymph nodes on both sides of my neck are becoming tender and enlarged. Over another week's time, the lymph nodes became worse in the left side of my neck: there are 4-5 lymph nodes going down the left side of my neck which are all tender and enlarged, 2-3 lymph nodes on the right side of my neck tender/enlarged(however less so than all nodes on left side), and 2 lymph nodes located right under the jaw on both sides of the neck. The lymph node on the left side of my neck has grown a little bigger than 1 inch accross, and the rest of the lymph ndoes are all under 3/4inch at biggest.

The biggest lymph node under the left side of my jaw is giving me the most trouble. It feels like there is a constant slight pressure under my jaw, as well as it feels stiff when I try to move my neck down towards it (down to the left) or away (up and to the right). It is actually preventing me from using the whole range of motion my neck is used to.

Could the strep throat infection still be in my system? If it is, would it cause most of the lymph nodes in my neck to swell and become tender like this? Is it possible that a tumor could actually grow onto a lymph node (I'm worried about the largest node)?

Sometimes I find my throat to still be sore, or atleast somewhat dried out when I swallow.

I have looked into lymphoma and hodgkin's disease, and it seems this type of health threat includes symptoms of NON-tender lymph nodes, which contradicts my symptoms of tender nodes. I have booked an appointment at the clinic, but it isn't for a few days. I just want to see people's opinions on this, and hopefully I can stop worrying about this, somewhat.

If it helps, I am a smoker (about 2-3 cigarettes/day) and usually drink on the weekends.

Thanks a lot for any advice or knowledge :)

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