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HELP!! Need to find diagnosis help!!

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  • Posted By: ShortBeauti07
  • May 6, 2007
  • 10:56 AM

Heya, II do not know if this is a skin disorder or not. Enough is enough though. Too many years and no answers. I have been sent from doc to doc. The only diagnosis I got was they cannot find a diagnosis. I so know something is wrong bc of frequency, pain, and then some.
have cyst, cyst and more cyst! I need help in diagnosing this condition this way maybe i will not be so concerned. Maybe then I could get some relief from the pain, and have a better life.
They usually occur a week before my cycle, I also have a cyst on my ovary. These I know are a diff kind of cyst. Along with these cysts, my WBC count is off the charts. I also get sick very easy. I have scaring from them and have had many surgeries on my breast at age 19, 20. They took out the center of my breast and wanted to do a masectomy bc of how many I kept getting. They were not cancerous cyst, but still they are so painfun and so frequent They open up and that is when the pain is relieved a little. Still I cannot wear anything I would like to.
Please help direct me in the right direction for a diagnosis. It has done so much to my life as a woman, personal, emotional, and physical. Tired of getting sick at a drop of a hat along with them.

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  • Need to talk to you about this. Please email me to set up a date and time to talk. Dfarrish@starband.net
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  • My sister has has the similar type of situation few years ago. If you want information regarding breast cancer and its treatment you should visit this site http://www.freebreastcancerguide.com. Hope you'll find it useful.Take Care BYE
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 5, 2008
    • 09:56 AM
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  • I need help in diagnosing this condition this way maybe i will not be so concerned.You are not qualified to diagnose a medical condition. You need to see a doctor about it, period.Or you could go to college, take general chem, organic chem, physics, biology, major in one of them (any), get a degree in it, take the MCAT, pass it with at least a 30P, enroll in a medical school, do well your first two years (classroom), take and pass the Step 1 USMLE, do well your second two years (clinical), take and pass the Step 2 USMLE, graduate, get accepted to a hospital residency somewhere, intern for a year making about $40k yearly stipend, take and pass the Step 3 USMLE, stay in residency for an average of 5 more years, making about $50k yearly stipend (btw you're still over $100k in debt right now from your Stafford loan), specialize in internal medicine, subspecialize in oncology, become a diagnostician, and then you get to talk about what might be wrong with you at a level above your symptoms. Mmmkay? Great.
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    • October 6, 2008
    • 11:24 AM
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  • Well, I know exactly what you are saying. I have always had painful breasts and the Dr.'s thought I was CRAZY!! It was 13 years ago that my mother found a lump, that a mammiagram didn't pick up and had to have a ultrasound that was able to see the cyst. She had to have a mastectomy of her L breast, and it was cancer. So I was then able to get my 1st mammiagram at the age of 25. When I seen the Dr. for the 1st time, and had a breast exam, she stated that I had fiborcystic breast and that I should be doing self exams. (If it didn't hurt all the time not a problem) So then it started, you need to come back in 3mo, 6mo, 1mo, 3mo, 1mo and so on. They started draining my cysts, but they would come back, and the testing said not cancer....Thank God. One day I was watching OPRAH and Dr. OZ was on showing the new digital mammiagram. The next mammiagram was with that machine, which I had to go out of town for at the time (2004). 80 miles from home. not bad though. I was excited because I felt my Dr. didn't listen to me, it hurt and she would say that is just the way it is. So finally, with the new test I also was able to get a second opinion, and didn't feel that I would hurt my Dr.s feelings because we didn't have the machine available in my town. So after a few days, I got the call that changed my life, I had cysts that grew very close to my breast bone, and around the base of my milk ducts that of course went to my nipple. I should have my Dr. look at the films and see what we needed to do. So I called my OBGYN who has done a # of surgeries on me, and did breast exams on me, and asked him his opinion and he said that with my family history and the pain that I have had for years (I have been his patient for 20 yrs) He said get them off!!! Well after talking to my breat Dr., she suggested that with this kind of growth, that I should have a lumpectomy. Hello, it is at my breast bone so I know what would be like. I already had enough dimpling. So I decided to move on and I told her that I would rather have a massectomy at the age of 34, what was I thinking? What I was thinking was after 9 years of never having a GOOD mammiogram come back, cysts drained, pain all the time, or WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO TELL ME IT IS CANCER???? I have 2 young kids, so I had finally had enough, I couldn't take it anymore. I talked to a # of surgeons to see what I should do, I finally decided that I was going to have a complete double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. So at the age of 34, that was my decision. Now that I am 38, I have been happy with my decision. I don't have to have any more mammiograms, and I don't have painful breasts. I do have phantom pain occasonally, which is where my nipple would have been. When I did reconstruction it was a long painful process though. My nipple reconstruction didn't work, so I decided enough surgery and bought them. But for me this was really the only decision that was right for me. I didn't want to get cancer, and I felt my time was getting close. During this whole thing I had 2 aunts that passed away from Breast cancer, and they both had a lumpectomy. I currently have 4 living family members with breast cancer. All of whom had a mastectomy. I don't know if I would have gotten cancer, my mother never did the genetic testing, so everyone in the family makes sure that all of our girls get checked early (not so easy with my 14 yr old). But they know that it could save their life. This was a huge decision and one I wouldn't take lightly. If your Dr. isn't listening to you, find another Dr. one that you feel comfortable with. I felt like I spent the last 4 years of my life in a waiting room, or on the surgery table. One thing that I did do was to find the right Dr. for me, I went to 5 different Dr.s before I found mine. It is time and $$$$$, but it is your life, your body, your decision!!!!! If you feel that you are a # and not a person when you go to the Dr., you need a new Dr.
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    • November 13, 2008
    • 09:10 PM
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  • I hace cyst on my ovries and what i have is called POCD you should to to your Ob/GYN and have them check for it they do an altra sound of your ovries a few other things. I am on meds to help with geting rid of some of the cyst and they might be able to help you as well. Just go see your Doc thats all you can do
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 2, 2010
    • 01:09 PM
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