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Raised body temperature during sleep, ADHD and some questions and thoughts.

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  • Posted By: melby1980
  • June 4, 2009
  • 01:22 PM

I have ADHD-I, I also have sleep problems, I tend to spend most of my night in the REM stage of sleep and also suffer with REM (atonia not sure if it's the correct word) where you act out your dreams by either sleep walking or thrashing around in bed. I spend most of the later sleep or any daytime sleep in the SWS stage of sleep or deep sleep. I have noticed that my body temperature actually rises instead of dropping during this stage, I have had many complaints from both my ex husband and my current partner. I do not get night sweats with this, but my body temperature rises so high that I have had the comment that I am like an oven or furnace. Upon waking I have a lot of stomach and intestinal pain. I have recently read that sleep problems can be caused by a lack of melatonin, and that coincidentally the stomach and intestines produce a certain degree of this chemical. Not sure what the relation could be, but possibly my stomach and intestines are NOT producing this vital chemical?? Or possibly my body isn't processing it correctly?? Just tossing around ideas I suppose. Also I have always lived in a cooler climate and as a child and teenager my room was not insulated, I suffered extreme temperature fluctuations with the seasons, while in the winter I slept with about 8 large quilts on my bed awaking to frost on my floor, but amazingly enough I still could not sleep without a blanket in the summer despite the sweltering heat, just using a sheet didn't work due to the fact that I have sensory problems (cannot stand the feeling of having nothing over me while sleeping, or having a thin sheet on top of me).

When I was younger this also bothered me as well as I would conciously stick a foot or both feet out from under the blankets to help cool my body, and most of the time this worked!

Anyway I am just curious if anyone has any ideas if this is just a brain/body chemical producing problem (which would be my likely bet) or possibly something digestive?? I am just at a loss as there don't seem to be many answers out there. In my searching I have seen several other people with a similar problem. This has been a lifelong thing, thus I am positive it is not a fever due to an infection or outside cause.

Also on another note the body temp is so high in fact upon waking that drinking anything cold causes my stomach to cramp, I keep room temperature spring water near my bed so upon waking I can re-hydrate myself from sleep (I awake very dry as well). As a teenager I remember waking and running for the faucet and drinking for quite a while (lol directly from the faucet, glad I outgrew that habit!)

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions PLEASE feel free to post them, even if you feel they may be silly, repetitive, or unrelated I would love to hear them!

Thank You!
Heated In New England!

(When I was younger I had horrible thoughts of internal combustion happening lol)

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  • Hi Heated In New England!I am very interested in your posting since my 8 years old son is just like you: he may or not may have ADHD( teacher said yes) but the other things like the sleepwalking and heated body temp he has them too and it worries me a little. He also sleeps deep and not very long: btw. 10PM and 6AM is just fine with him and he is just 8.Do you have more information in the meantime about what it is? Thanks!worried mom
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    • September 17, 2009
    • 09:03 AM
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  • Hey, my name is Juanita. I do not have ADHD (Well, it's never been diagnosed by a doctor any way) I live in the United States, and I lived in a state that got really hot in the summer and it didn't really have a winter season. Then when I was around 12 my family moved to a state that had all 4 seasons and a brutal winter. We lived in a very old house, and only one room got heat from the furnaces (which was the family room) and every where else, the wind seemed to seep though the walls. I too would sleep with about 8 very heavy quilts on top of me and only 1 little electric heater. I guess I just got used to having the feeling of a blanket on top of me (Its very comforting)...I can't sleep with a sheet either (I just can't seem to fall asleep)! I put off quite a bit of heat when I sleep, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind it (especially when it's cold outside) I've never really talked about it with my doctor either so I don't know if it can cause a problem later in life. I also have to take hot showers and baths (well not scalding, but warmer then my body temp). My dad puts off a lot of heat when he sleeps too, so it could be genetic. We joke around with it sometimes...saying stuff like "It's because I have such a warm heart". But there are times too, when I'll be sitting in a chair watching tv and my hands and feet are cold but my body is warm. I don't know if this paragraph helped you any, but I'm glad that there are people out there going through the same type of stuff. Thank you...and I wish you well!
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  • Ask your doctor about diabetes insipidus, or ocd (no joke plays a huge role)
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  • Melby1980 in response to your thread which was posted so long ago. I can tell you i am experiencing much of what you are describing. I have come to the conclusion that it is not the ADHD that is causing the excessive heat and loss of sleep, but instead it is the medication that is prescribed for it. I am in the process of getting a doctors advice on the situation and i will report back to this site if you can relate to or are still interested in this topic. I would suggest if the problem is still active that you contact a doctor and have your blood work done but i understand not everyone has that luxury. And also on the topic of spontaneous combustion, you could possibly just turn out to be the next Human Torch from Fantastic 4. Anyways i wish you well.(Please excuse my username it is a book i am currently reading couldnt think of anything else)
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