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  • February 15, 2011
  • 01:48 PM

hi my name is joshua. i had a osteoid osteoma a couple of monthes back. let me start at the begining. when i was about ten i got one. i dont really complain about pain much but the pain back then was nothing compared in the next couple of years. so im about ten right the pains bad its so bad i feel like im going to die but i dont. so my nan takes me to the dumest doctor ever. the first look at me she said its growing pains. i geuss she said that becuase i was tall for my age but come one one look. but the dumest thing she did was she gave me panadine forty thats like pain killers you give to a fully grown man. so i took them and the pain went away but the pain always cam back. my nan said she was a ideot so we went to another doctor she said the same thing but told me i should take panadole instead. and after a couple of mothes my nan started to think it was all in my head. and this was about when i was 12. even my dad and sisters said it. they started calling me a drugy. i was 12 come on like im a drugy. so after another couple of years when i was about 13. and remember this hole time i was takeing panadole and being in pain. the pain was so bad it kept me up every night every day. i couldent do much homework at nights because i could not think straght. my leg always was in pain. in class i always rubed my leg becuase of the pain it hert so much. and my freinds and the other guys alwas said stop masterbating you leg. i got so angry at them. and with the pain it felt like i was about to go on a killing spree full of rage and pain. i was takeing about 8 panadole a day. so then i changed doctors again thank god. this doctor always talked about my pain my family my life and why a could not go to sleep. becuase even when i took the tablets i still could not fall asleep. my nan got tired of the doctors not doing anything so she told them to do a bone skan or something. so they did x rays and they found nothing. and the after so long they said they would do a bone skan and geuss what they found it in my leg. so they told me they would get it out but i would have to wait a couple of monthes. and im thinking after all i have been through seeing so many doctors being in so much pain takeing so many tablets they are going to make me wait. but there was nothing i could do so i had to. and then after so many sleeples nights the day finally came. my nan drove me there we waited for about five hours and then they called me. i came in this room where they told me to lie down. then they put a my asleep but i dont remember sleeping all i remember is looking at the roof and wakeing up screaming. they had to restrain me they gave me more drugs then when i had stopped they said i cant go home or stay the night. so i stayed they gave me the button thing where you press it and it gives you pain killers. they put me in a room with 8 othere people then i closed my eyes and woke up when the doctors where checking on everyone. then these guys in suits came in and talked about the op and looked at the bandage i had on my waste. i had breakfest tried to go to the toilet but couldent. my arm was atached to a iv so i couldent site down. the first time i tried ti walk i was so weak i had to put my weight on the iv for support. then my nan came picked me up then life was normal at least for alittle bit. after a couple of weeks the pain came back so i went back to the doctors. they said theres a small group of people like 10 out of a 100. so they signed me up again after another couple of monthes i herd nothing so my nan and me whent back to the doctor and says he thought i had dun it allready so then he i was signed up again. i had to go through so much pain becuase of there mestakes. i remember the pain so well and ow much i hated it. always thinking why me. so then after i terned 15 they called me in again we had to go to a privet hospital this time. it was really different then last time. the wasent many people and i didnt have to wait long. so they called me up weighed me told me to go in this room check my blood pressure gave me needles dun all the works. then they weeled the bed out to the room. then thy gave me another needle so i new what happend next. i looked at the roof then i woke up. it was better this time i was not in pain my leg was sore alittle bit but after all i have been throw that was next to nothing. so then the doctor came in gave the doctor talk then my dad my nan and me left. and then after about 5 year of constent pain it was gone. i felt so good and so tired. and after a couple of weeks still nothing. after takeing so many nurifen and panadole and going throw so much pain and so many nighs with out sleep it was finally gone. so now im back in school and alls good.

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