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shotty or do I have a problem

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  • Posted By: canabia664
  • July 10, 2011
  • 07:12 AM

It all started when I messed up and had sex without a condom and contracted chlamydia tracomatis. Ever since then Ive been way more worried about my health and way more cautious about everything, it has turned me into something like a hypochondriac. I was never tested or diagnosed for mono or CMV but I kind of have the feeling I had one of them the same time I had chlamydia because I remember having very tender painful nodes under my jaws for a few days and feeling weak and depressed. I only had chlamydia for about 3weeks to a month and got it treated with 1gram of zithromax. Ever since then ive noticed them under my jaw, on my left cheek exactly on the jawbone, 2 on the throat above the adam's apple, 2 on each side of my neck like the size of small almond, a lot of tiny little ones on my neck I can feel when I dig into my skin. The only big ones maybe the size of olives are the ones under jaw but are highly movable and hard but like squishy hard not solid and firm. I also had 4 cavities for about 5 years without treatment and overall super bad oral hygiene and dental health, so much that im surprised that I didnt get a major infection like meningitis or a deep neck or jaw infection. I got all 4 decaying cavities removed, last one removed about 2 months ago. If I feel deep into my armpits I can feel tiny little beads not much or not that big but they are there. Same as in my groin I can only feel like 2 clumped together like the size of a pea and the rest are tiny like rosary bead spread out under the skin of my pelvic area. On my left leg I have on my inner thigh I have the biggest node of all, been there for even more than a year I think. Again this one is movable too and squishy but more firmly attached to my inner thigh. I am so worried. Tested for HIV 3 times at 3 months, 7 months and 12 months all negative. With cutoff rates varying from .7 to .10 out. Got a CBC the other day and the blood test guy gave the results and the only thing he told me was that my defenses were low whatever that means that I should get more vitamin C and that I might have slight viral activity. I never really feel sick, never get fever or colds usually but im stressed to the bone thinking im deathbound at the age of 17. Still no diagnosis but these nodes really worry me especially that ive had them for around a year. Im slim though, 130 pounds and around 5'9 or 5'10. Do you think this is something serious? Could this just be scarred or "shotty" nodes? I also have big swollen tonsils too. None of the nodes or tonsils are painful they are just enlarged and make me worrisome. Please any advice/info

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