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help! low calcium low magnesium elevated parathyroid

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  • Posted By: laurasfire1
  • January 21, 2010
  • 07:00 AM

I just don't know where to start researching the right thing to do. My husband went to the emergency room in October 09 for suspected pneumonia. Pneumonia was confirmed, but what got the doctors in the room in a hurry was my husbands calcium and magnesium levels were at critcal values.
That was a surprise to us, we had no idea. They admitted him and gave him IV calcium and magnesium for 2 days. My husband is only 36. He was visited by the only endo in the area and told to follow up in his office. Endo explained he wants to follow up with blood work every 4- 6 weeks. Endo told him to take 3 tums a day and a vitamin d pill and that his mag was in normal values now, but that his calcium is still at critical values. So after blood work the next time endo increased tums to 6 a day. To make a long story short, my husband is now taking 10 tums a day and his magnesium is low now as well and the doctor called in a magnesium suplement to take. His parathyroid is elevated as well. Has been since the hospital visit. I'm frustrated.
While hubby was in the hospital endo told him there could be many reasons for the problem and that if it continued he would do some bone scans to see if there was a metobolic bone problem going on. Saw the physicians assistant on last visit and she sent him for more blood work and said if calcium was still low she would get a scan of his neck if parathyroid was still high.
So I called for results and of course critcal values on calcium, mag is tanking again and parathyroid is elevated. I asked if the assitant was going to schedule a neck scan and was told no, take the increase in calcium and the new magnesium script. I got a little pissy on the phone and was transfered straight to the doctor who said that he would'nt reccomend a neck scan and that was a miscommunication on the part of the assistant and he would like for my hubby and I to come into his office on Tuesday next week for a sit down meeting. He want to explain how it all works. I feel like my husband is falling through the cracks between the assitant and the doctor and neither can remember what they said in the last visit for future treatment. Because of all the calcium my hubby is taking he is constipated.
He has suffered from muscle cramps in his legs for a very long time at night, sometimes he cant even sleep through them and has to get up and stretch. His primary gave him medicine for restless leg syndrome, but come to find out, these cramps are apperantly a side affect of the low levels of calcium.
He has always been on the thin side, but in the last 6 months he has gained almost 40 pounds and his eating habits have not changed, if anything he has a lack of appitite as he is so tired all the time. His legs swells really bad all day while he is at work that by the time he gets home he has terrible edema in his lower legs. I have told the doctors and they look at his legs but never think its bad at the time. Too bad they cant see his legs at 5pm when he get home. BTW his vitamin D levels have been normal from the begining.
So who can help me make since of all this and who has some personal experience with similar symptoms.
I apolagize for the long post, but there was a lot to go over. :o

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